Egypt’s President Laid 4 KM Long Red Carpet On Public Roads Just To Drive His Cars On

It is one of those things that are hilarious and sad at the same time. When you put power behind individuals, crap like this happens, instead of empowering institutions and therefore; making people, law, and accountability empowered.

En route to inaugurating a public housing scheme, President Al-Sisi of Egypt laid down 4 KMs (2.5 miles) long red carpet for his motorcade to travel on public roads. Naturally, people weren’t pleased a bit and majority of the newspaper carried this as front page news while a hashtag in Arabic was running on Twitter by the people who were outraged by this waste expenditure.

Turkmenistan, according to a BBC report, have also banned black cars because the President of Turkmenistan thinks that they bring bad luck. He has also gone to greater lengths turn the entire capital city, Ashgabat, to white and had ordered the removal of air-conditioning units, but people protested despite being used to the President’s eccentric restrictions on daily life.

The Egyptian military, stepped forward (that they rarely do) to respond to the public by sending Brig. Gen Ehab el-Ahwagy who said that the carpet wasn’t bought for this occasion, it has been in used for more than 3 years. He further added, “It gives a kind of joy and assurance to the Egyptian citizen that our people and our land and our armed forces are always capable of organizing anything in a proper manner.”

Remember kids, a country’s power isn’t reflected by the guns its soldiers or guards carry rather, the quality of life its people enjoy but talk about VIP culture..


Baber K. Khan

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  • Mohsin

    seems like two state cars can overtake each other. Anyhow, on average a state car is about 1.8 m wide, so 4km translates to an area of 14400 sq.meter. Lets say, each sq.meter weighs 1 kg (which normally weighs more). This is equivalent to 14400 kg or 14 tons. Even if the carpet was not bought for this ocassion and has been in use for more than 3 years, who is paying the transportaion costs, vaccum cleaning costs, for 14 tons.

  • Baber

    Good analysis. Poor Egypt is back to Mubarak type dictator rule yet again it seems.

  • Kamil

    @bab3r_khan:disqus Can I write for PW blog on freelance basis, Baber?

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    That’s what military rulers/ dictators do in such countries like Pakistan but here we can’t say anything or will be declared traitor.
    Egypt Pakistan Thailand and Burma… God knows when people of these countries live free life.