The Faults in Our Cars: Suzuki Cultus

suzuki cultus fault

After the immense success of the Novel, followed by a movie, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, PakWheels proudly presents a new series: The Faults in Our Cars by Fahad Mehmood

The article series would be based on the locally manufactured cars in Pakistan and the unique faults they come equipped with. From faulty power steering mechanism in a Honda to the stubborn doors in a Suzuki, we’ll enlighten them all. Moreover, we’ll question their existence in today’s world. The information posted in these articles would be collected from surveys, personal experiences and of course, the PakWheels Forums.

The car we’ve chosen for the first episode is the not-so-good-but-popular Suzuki Cultus. Even though the Cultus needs no introduction, let me go through some history of the car.

In the beginning of the 21st century, while the global economy was rising and George W. Bush was just a year away from his presidency, the third world’s popular company, Pak Suzuki gifted the people of Pakistan with the Cultus which replaced the Khyber. Powered by the same 998cc 3 cylinder Carburetor engine from the Khyber, the new Cultus became the hot hatch of that era. As there were no other popular hatchbacks at that time, Cultus gained a strong place in the market for local buyers. It had a better, streamlined shape, independent rear suspension and was fitted with a power steering in the VXL trim. Later, they introduced electrically powered windows as well. In 2003, when CNG was gathering popularity, the cars were factory fitted with CNG and it saved you from the hassle of getting a CNG kit from a third party workshop. In 2008, the Cultus received a major change. The carburetor powered Cultus was given a 998cc 4 cylinder EFI engine for better economy and acceleration response.

Over these years, the Cultus received many facelifts, but according to our local companies, face-lifting means changing the bumpers and lights on a car, and if you’re lucky, you can get to choose from a very special color which actually has nothing special about it at all.

Today, if you make the mistake of spending a little over your precious 1 million rupees, you are given the keys of a brand new Cultus which looks absolutely nothing like 2015. According to the brochures of Pak Suzuki, the Cultus looks executive and stylish. Well, describing my imagination of my CEO hopping out of a Cultus every morning would definitely get me fired immediately. So, I’d rather say that he’s not only executive, he’s the CHIEF EXECUTIVE and he drives a Honda.So, Dear Pak Suzuki, the Cultus is nowhere near your definition of being executive but Hey! Chances exist that the Cultus can be deemed as an executive car in a parallel universe maybe, but not in this world.

Coming to the interior, Suzuki claims that the interior is classy. I bet it’s a typo. They wanted to write CLASSIC instead of classy because it’s still from the 90’s. Once you get inside a Cultus, you enter the grey world of plastic laid out in the perfect manner of nothing. I bet the people who drive it would definitely admit, at a point in their life, when they’re looking at themselves in the back view mirror that they could have done a lot better in their lives.

Coming to the keyword of this article, the faults, let me highlight some of the most common problems Pak Suzuki has blessed the lucky Cultus buyers with. The doors always refuse to respond to a polite manner of shutting them. They like it the hard way. This feature-fault is not only offered in the Cultus, but the entire Suzuki hatchback lineup comes equipped with this as standard. So, it can be said that it’s not only the Cultus, but it’s the Suzuki who like it the hard way.

Another common problem in the EFI variants was the exhaust noise inside the cabin. The specially designed exhaust system had only one purpose, to let the passengers of the vehicle enjoy the G10B in the front, compose a symphony at every rev range. IN YOUR FACE ALFA ROMEO!

One very serious issue, which we have noted on the forums, the EFI Cultus would refuse to start sometimes. Apparently, that issue is created by the distributor and its sensor. The driver had to push-start the car, that means, you had to literally push it, not the push start button thing. What I make out of it is that Pak Suzuki wants its customers to be physically fit and healthy and pushing your car once in a while can help you maintain a healthy body.

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Finally, the quality of the Cultus is unquestionable. You get so many quality issues that each one of them automatically over rides the other and there are no questions remaining. They cancel each other out. For example, a reported faulty seat lever issue was cancelled out since the driver side door didn’t shut. Will you complain about the seat lever when you can’t even get in your car and drive it because the door is still open? No, you obviously wont.

So, coming to the end of episode one, we suggest you that keep your million rupees safe in an account, withdraw a little amount every day and ride the local to work. Still a better ride than the Cultus..

If you have ever experienced any problem/issue related to your Suzuki Cultus, please leave a comment.

Fahad Mehmood

Fahad Mehmood is an ardent car enthusiast and a photographer by profession. He's been an active PakWheels member since the beginning. When he's not writing about cars, he's shooting people and things with his camera. He hopes to go viral one day.

  • Baber

    I own a Cultus. And it has become a habit for passengers in my car to SLAM the door close like they just had enough of my shit! I called it habit because the problem is, closing doors on Cultus means you’re now in a habit to shut the doors in all other cars as well which makes others furious. And then I explain…

    Anyways, that is a good write up. But don’t you think that such criticism is becoming fruitless for Suzuki, they are the most stubborn company I’ve ever seen. Toyota reacted and fixed the problem we took up here. Suzuki just smirks and gets on with it, because, what you gonna do son?! Where’d you gonna go?

  • Liana Owner

    Do Liana next. It sounded like Pak Suzuki had it but Oh how wrong we were.

  • Shery

    yeah the doors have some serious problem.

  • Shani Arain

    Or buy a Faw v2 😛

  • Fahad Mehmood

    First of all, thank you! Owning a Swift myself, I know the feel bro.

    Coming to the second part of your question, well, we’re trying our best to discourage such cars. A Million Rs. is not a small amount for someone to gather with his hard work and then spend it on a car that is this bad. If not Pak Suzuki, at least we can discourage the buyers to go for their imported replacements. Poor sales and losses would teach the company a lesson itself.

  • Fahad Mehmood

    Haha. Each one of the local cars is on the list. Don’t you worry.

  • ZZ

    Since i owned a Mira, my friends used to slam the doors hard everytime and evertime I had to scream loud…oye bhai ahesta suzuki nahe hy…and they will go like… Sadi ty henj e band hondi ey…

  • Sajjad Ashraf

    You get what you pay for, Cultus is relatively cheaper then its imported Japanese counterparts and that reflects on the quality of the car. You Have got more money then go buy a Vitz or what ever is in your range. I have also noticed PakWheels is passive aggressively bashing the local car makers a lot lately or may be its just me

  • Ali

    in 1000cc class i think santro was way better in terms of quality and comfort than cultus..

  • Danish Sohail

    Way better than cultus. I am thinking of buying it. They are in good numbers on Faisalabad roads.

  • Khurram Altaf

    That is a very nice initiative from PW. Hope to see the continuation. Keep it up Fahad!

    May I suggest in future to somehow roughly quantify the shortcomings in monetary terms and reduce it from the MSRP?

    That way we may get the justified prices of all locally available cars by the end of this series.

  • Umar

    i am facing a gear voice in cultus 07 which some other users have also reported and the mechanics are saying to replace the gear as there is no solution

  • Baber

    We’re just giving the writers, which can be you or anyone else, a place to write on everything automotive. And while we try our best to not lose the rationale, it just turns out that no one is happy with the choice of cars here.
    In imported, we have got cars affected in the Fukushima disaster, but overall, the quality and equipment is so much better in those than here that you just can’t help it.
    I mean, you spend 19 lac rupees on either City or GLi and don’t even get air-bags. People have instead moved to Premio/Allion, etc. Those cars are as well from Toyota but local assemblers should’ve thought ahead of people, they must have consumer foresight to know about the developing and changing trends and introduce products otherwise, we just can’t help it. This is the reason why companies around the world have a product (model) lifecycle of just 6-8 years and in Pakistan, it just never changes.

  • Bilal Qureshi

    You were too nice in this article. How ’bout we kick it up a notch next time? 😛

  • Muhammad Faid

    Completely agree

  • Shahid Mehmood

    When we bought a new Cultus in 2010, i was surprised to know at a point that, it does not have a Reserve light installed in its Meter.. :O

    Door handles or locks once they are out of order they will get you to see a mechanic every 3 months

  • Mohsin Badar

    i agree with one of the commenters that u went way too soft..!!! compared to.the imported vesions of 1000cc.. u hv mira..vitz etc ..which hv all the basic safety precautions and quality of work at tthe same time..

    cultus’s majors are shocks giving up..water body breaking every now n then.. no air bags… engine noise… and i can go on n on on..

  • Sheheryar Khan

    Very noisy you can’t even imagine where the noises coming from nor you can fix them.

  • shahrukh

    cant wait for the rest of the articles

  • ahsan

    Well nicely written, let me share some of problems i am facing with a cultus 0 meter, which is driven 7000 so far by me..
    Gear lever has play in it, when u pull it
    Accelerator has play like it moves left and roght slowly, which according to suzuki guys is normal.
    Dashboard sound when u drive over bumps
    Rear doors rubber corners got loose when u mistakenly close the door hard
    Performance on hilly areas particularly on second gear having 4 people and luggage is worst, however on straight roads perform quite well as compare to carby ones
    After driving it once to muree, on the way back ,brake started a sound like chuu chuu,( bear in mind at that time car was driven only 5000 kms)
    Massive zinc on front tyre hubs, when u open the tyre to put stepny on, or just for random checkups..
    There is lot to share more,but some other time..its not that i am blaming a car, its what manufacturers are playing with the literate public of pakistan..

  • Malik77

    i dont think discouraging customers will put any effect on PS bcz its PAK suzuki, means Bailout Packages will be in line if any thing like “FAIL” happens in the Auto market . i was going to buy Faw V2 last month but my DAD insisted me on Cultus so keeping his opinion in mind i selected used 2009 vxri . when he sat for the first time in TIN DA Dabba he said its “lowered” & finally the moment arrived when he was trying to get himself out from the CAAAAAR he said a lot of “Good Words” for the pakistani awam who were in favour.
    I recommend do not buy this CULTUS for your loved ones who are more than 40years it will **** their knees & joints, better to buy good condition Santro, Passo or Vitz but dont buy “Rikshaws 660” .

  • Nasir

    Santro has weird driving position and no leg room for back seat messengers.

  • Nasir

    Santro has weird driving position and no leg room for back seat passengers.

  • Abdullah Hussain

    yar zada e kr di aap ne Cultus itni b mari ni

  • May be next article on Suzuki Swift?

  • Zeeshan Iqbal

    I bought a new Cultus in 2007 from Suzuki Defense, Karachi. When I sat in my new car, it wont start. I stared at the dealer what the hell is happening over here. Then he called an electrician. He checked that the wire of the distributor cap was loose. He tightened that and the car started. Thats Quality Control at its best 🙂

    Than I reached home parked the car in my garage and when in the next morning, I drove my car out of the garage, my mom showed my drops of fresh oil underneath where the car was parked. I informed the dealer about it and he told me not to worry as they will check this free of cost on the first 1000 km inspection. When my car was checked, there was very little gear oil left as most of it leaked out. Surprisingly they charged me for the new oil.

    Another issue was that the front passenger window was so tight that it wont close without using WD40. I showed this to the dealer several times but there was no solution for it. I even logged a complaint on Pak Suzuki website, and their Service Manager called me again but there was no resolution available.

    Finally, if you get a flat tyre and tried to take out the spare wheel, it is a nightmare.

  • Umair

    Owned a cultus .. 2004 model.. ALHAMDULILLAH very well maintained and very much satisfied.. no issue of doors or any noise in cabin.. just do some DIYs ..

  • umair

    Even Imported cars still cant beat Pak suzuki.. :).. They are still selling Mehrans and Cultus in huge huge rates…. New Generation cant change minds of their elders..

  • umair


  • umar

    Santro and comfort…….. ?? Cultus is still has more Room than Santro Rikshaw

  • Faizan Khalid

    Damn pw i really like ur way of reporting faults in the cars its not just entertaining but also informative since we own a mehran plz make the next ep on it………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………and people who cant read these article cant bear that they have been being trolled by our local manufacturers

  • imran

    I would rather say with this price the quality is nothing. U can buy in whole europe a very best car with 3000 Euro. What the hell suzuki and other car companies are doing here. Just getting money and no service and no one is here to ask them.No rule no check by govt side.

  • Alpha Bravo

    What are those DIYs?

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    absolutely right as i own both of them but the engine noise of santro is worse then cultus

    p.s i own both of them currently

  • Anzak

    I really like to hear about WagonR from you man!

  • Nabeel Farooqui

    I’m guessing the author aims for a word limit.

  • HABS

    Dude, as a critic, looks very amusing to start finding faults in all Suzuki products, but lets face the reality by keeping our feet on ground. Its insane to compare a cultus with a honda. And dont look at the price you are paying for Cultus, look what you are paying for a Honda, goddamn 2.5 Million bucks, imagine what you can buy worth that amount in Europe. So whatever you are paying, considering the inflation in this poor country, i still think its worth it. If you are expecting ABS, immobiliser, Air bags and super luxury interior in a cultus than look around 1.6 Million, i dont think anybody will be buying that “Super Luxury” cultus.

  • Wahab Chaudhry

    some cultuses have timing belt over tighten issue. it makes weird noise. and it fix by loosening timing belt.

  • Muhammad Faham

    There is an issue in body work. Cultus dosnt supply air tight rubbers. When there is a huge rain, water gets inside the car. While other cars still manage to withstand.

  • Fahad Mehmood

    Consumer is the ultimate power. If you think they are not, please consider that fact that Hyundia, Mitsubishi, Nissan and the introduces Proton winded up from Pakistan just because the consumer didn’t prefer them. So, it is the consumers preference which matters and it can surely paralyze a company.

  • Fahad Mehmood

    Thank you, Sir. All the local cars are in the line up, so please wait 🙂

  • Fahad Mehmood

    In the article, the Cultus was not compared to any car at any point. It was only compared to the price you have to pay for getting it.
    Secondly, the substitutes you have for Cultus have a lot more to offer in the same price bracket. That’s the point.

  • shez3d

    Fahad it was hilarious & interesting article i liked that points you mentioned i have Cultus 2011 interior & doors have not manufactured with better quality, let me know which 1000C vehicle is perfect with same price tag?

    Look at price tag, speed, shape & fuel consumption i just have faced issues with doors only…

    If you suppose to drive Mira on high way you will repent on your fate that what a slow car you really have 666 CC cant give you better RPM & speed, what owner have to with doors materials etc if vehicle is damn lazy & slow ?

    Santro looks more like 4 wheels chinese rikshaw…

    FAW V2 is better than Cultus because price tag is same engine, interior, features & drive is much better but when it comes to resale you should not buy that car if you have planned to resale it..

    Last but not least tell me which hatchback is better option interested to buy better variant than cultus or any other option with same price tag?

  • Fahad Mehmood

    Apparently, there is no other vehicle in that bracket, but we have to pursue the quality issues and create an awareness among the consumers so that they know what they’re buying and how bad it could be. More over, the issue of resale is something the consumers have to sacrifice for. You either get resale or value of money. The combination isn’t available in Pakistan.

  • Lahori

    A good article on cultus. I owned one since 2008 bought brand new and she never let me down in any way. Never push start in all these years however you have to slam doors to shut them. Its a good small car.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    ONce I was at a Denting Shop for the fixing of my front bumper, there I saw a Brand New Cultus with broken front grill, it was a road side denting shop, they were replacing the broken grill with a local manufactured grill which was not original offcourse. On inquiring i came to know that the grill was broken by goods transfer company during the unloading from the trailer and now they are replacing before delivering to the authorised showroom.

    I felt sorry for the customer who must had booked the vehicle including freight and insurance by paying the 100% in advance and will have a car with non-geniune grill. And all above that the customer will pay a minimum of Rs. 2000 as a mithai on hading over of vehicle key.

    The showrooms charged 12,000 as a freight and 5000 in the name of transportation insurance; total 17000 from customer and still customer is getting a tempered vehicle.

  • Mughees

    Awesome post which perfectly sums up my feelings for the cultus line of Pak Suzuki cars.

    I have been driving cultus for past 6 years. The first time I bought it was in 2008. Faced a faulty side mirror problem and tuning issues with that brand new vehicle.

    But unfortunately that was not enough to teach me a lesson and i ended up buying another zero meter cultus in 2011 with grim hopes that may be Pak Suzuki have improved their standards… Following is the list of problems I have thus far faced with that zero meter brand new car of mine:
    1. All door locks failed and replaced in the warranty period.
    2. On second inspection I learnt that the engines jacket water pump seal had leaked. Got it replaced under warranty too.
    3. Had to get engine timing belt adjusted and tuning redone on second inspection as well.
    4. Clutch wire broke when the car was only two months old. Rather than suzuki dealer fixing it without asking questions I had to literally defend my case to make him do it under warranty.
    5. Come the first summers, I found the AC gas had leaked. Had it refilled and checked. No leaks found.
    6. Come the second summers, the gas leaked again and the suzuki technicians were at a loss on how this happened again. The only explanation they had was that I had secretly hit the car head on and had it repaired somehow without a trace.
    7. I had to get the AC gas refilled third time in the third year on my own expense.
    8. Back seat retaining locks failed and the denter had to re adjust them.
    9. Another back door lock failed recently in 2014.
    10. Back glass rubber seals came off all by themselves magically.
    11. The inexperienced technician wiped my car’s ecm settings during cng tuning. So now the indicator shows full less until the tank has only 5 km worth of cng left in it.
    12. Push start problem as already highlighted by the author of this article.

    Besides all of the above there are so many things in cultus that you just accept as normal rather good as long as nothing worse than them happens. For example screeching windscreen wipers, AC condensate overflowing inside the car at front passenger seat, leaky floor seals, auto car ventilation through door seals above the speed of 100kmph, good for nothing petrol tank release, good for nothing bonnet release.
    If you want, you can actually become a self trained cultus mechanic as the car offers you with so many opportunities to spend money and learn.
    So, for me. No cultus ever again.

  • Shehryar Ahmed

    Haha epic words used 😀 And true all of it! ESPECIALLY the door one! we have a City but we got a Cultus a while back from Dad’s office. And seriously the doors wouldnt budge. They wanted some really hard slamming 😉

  • Shehryar Ahmed

    I get a feeling your next blog will be epic too! Cheers mate and keep up the epic work (y)

  • Fahad Mehmood

    Appreciated. I hope I keep consistent with my sarcasm. Thank you.

  • Why YK Why?

    Excellent article, truly defines what an owner of a Suzuki Cultus feels like. This shape and engine are from before the time that Pakistan won the World Cup, but Pak Suzuki continues to shove this model down our throats. There are only two countries in the whole where this piece of crap is assembled, Pakistan – Cultus hatchback facelifted only with no new innovations and same old stuff as 1988; and, China – Changan Suzuki Lingyang, the Facelifted old swift sedan (Margalla) but with many new innovations such as airbags, and ABS.

    I got a brand new cultus in August 2014 from office. Initially there was a wait of 8 weeks for the delivery and eventually when the car came it was such a pain to drive. The steering, gears and the clutch is so rigid that I would feel tired after driving for a while in the rush of Karachi.

    Now that it is 8 months or so older the doors cant seem to shut themselves in a proper way and always have to be shut again forcefully, the paint is coming out from the bumpers, bonnet and the latch (whi is due to an awesome paint job done by Pak Suzuki, so the paint cracks due to sunlight.

    All in all its quite a mess, and we Pakistanis love what is being shoved down our throats by Pak Suzuki and place the this bag of mess on a high pedestal. Cultus does have a good re-sale value – the number one reason people keep buying this.

  • Fahad Mehmood

    I guess they’re waiting for the Boys to give us another World Cup. Bad news: Evidently, that ain’t happening this year.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    I had the same experience when i bought cultus back in 2010. Thought the paint is not yet coming out even i live in Multan where the temperature in July rise up to 50c. Though in this heat A/C fails to deliver because of no proper insulation in the vehicle. I have seen the model 2013 cultus, they are offering some sort of threaded roof, while in my case roof cover is some sort of ragazine and when i used to tap it, it sounds like teen dabba banging sound. Tun Tun.. .lolz Now i have stripped out the whole roof cover and put an insulation of Jambo Lon sheet aka UnderLay. and the felt a major improvement in AC cooling.

    and yes about the doors, when I reported to the showroom workshop just after 3 days of using this car the head mechanic and denter told me “sir abi ap ki car new hai, abi door apni jagah bana rahay hein, yeh waqt ke sath naram hon gay or darwaza araam se band ho ga” I wait for 4 years so the doors could make their place but all in vain. they were same like day one. so one day i went to old parts shop their i had seen doors of JDM Cultus, i changed the front door locks with JDM cultus and the difference is noticeable, now it takes very less force to close the doors.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    One more thing which has not pointed out by anyone yet is, falling of wheel caps/cups. They fall of very now and then. If you dont tie them up with wire ties. I have seen many 2015 model cultus with missing wheel cup/caps.

    We have a corolla 2007 at home also, and never needed to put a wire tie around the wheel cups. No matter how much distance it cover, now matter how is the road is. But in Cultus I always have cable ties with me in car, and after every puncture or removal of wheel cup i tie it again.

  • Ali Kamran

    Yes i agreed partially with u Cultus has door locks problem but its drive is not so bad, i drive earlier cultus three cylinders as well as 4 cylinders. It has good road grip and has good drive on highway as well as in town. pick up is definitely improved after EFI engine. In Pakistan no competitor of 1000 cc car local manufacturer after Santro is available. I do believe that Suzuki must introduce new models to compete Japanese cars and more fuel efficient. But till than Cultus is still a market car local manufacture and easy excess to spare parts.

  • Haris

    im waiting for next episode:)

  • Eric Sadiq

    aoa. my car is having problem and i have taken it to many mechanics but still fault remains ther.. so i request you to advise me the solution regarding suzuki cultus model 2005 ….. engine blows out engine oil not in regular basis but randomly after every 3 ti 4 days…. what should i do to get rid of this problem… waiting for your reply.. Regards EricSadiq

  • Abul Hassan

    Bravoooo, its funny, keep it up

  • NasirJavaid

    It depends on the quality of wheel caps. Mine is now more than a year with me and no wheel cap fell ever.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    if they are on wheels since 1 year, then ur car must be exceptional. i have seen many brand new Cultuses never got punctured but still wheel caps fall off very often.

    and yeah as far as quality is concern there is no ‘consistency’ in their quality, every suzuki vehicle is different from the other one, one real example, we have 4 Cultuses in our colony and its a co-incident that all are registered/bought in same month and all are in most famous Graphite Gray color, but maybe their paint booth batch is different, believe me or not.. they all shades differently on some color tone is dark in some color tone is light. but all 4 look different in color.

  • NasirJavaid

    Don’t know if my car is exceptional or not 😛 but wheel cap never fell off… they are very tightly secured and i have to use little more force to take them off… oh yes they are not cultus style wheel caps, they are some 6 nut model caps 😀

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    loved it.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    haha now you have revealed the secret of super tight wheel caps 😛

  • Shahid Mehmood

    just to add, our company has given Cultus to some managers of the company and all are crying, some has the issue of dropped/lost wheel caps, some are crying for its doors, someone door lock has been malfunctioning and there is a huge list of complain just after 20 days of purchase 😛

  • Wilson Toyota

    This is a great read. It’s fun to inject a bit of humor in car ownership. Sometimes we just get that one car that we should have looked just a bit more for the right one.

  • 509 Cars

    Great post, really funny. Thanks for bringing some humor to the topic…love the title as well.

  • Service Master 24 Hour

    Great post! Always fun to get a chance to read a blog with humor!

  • Faizan

    I’ve read the other ‘fault in our cars’ articles, but this one seemed the best in terms of quality of English.

  • blankMind

    Luxurywise cultus is not a good choice…but performancrwise it is one of better choice with reliable engine..

  • Waseem Haider

    I bought cultus Euro 2 brand new in year 2013. I took the car from the showroom and heading for the home with my friend sitting on the left. When he slide down the window, the knob came out and the glass dropped inside the door.
    We stopped immediately and trying to find out the problem. My friend couldn’t come out of the car because lock was not working. I tried to open the door from out side and found that the lock is also broked. We return to the dealership instead of going home and replaced the parts in warranty. Started to drive again and after few km, a sound suddenly started from the engine. But we were near our destination, so reached home and visited the dealer ship and found that the sound was coming from the timing belt.
    It was again replaced by the dealership.
    Thats my story of Cultus, problems within 2 hours of purchase of Brand new “Most popular and Japanese standard (so called)” Cultus.
    Later I got more problems with the doors, stearing, and “Dhaka Start”. So I sold it within 6 months of its purchase date.
    Never going for any Suzuki Car again.

  • Usman Farrukh

    it’s all true about cultus.. cultus is actually a scrap. it’s head lights are also faulty, i recently experienced to claim a warranty. The attitude of Suzuki dealer Khalid motors ferozepur rd. was very surprising they are very polite when anybody is there for periodic maintenance.. when they got to know its a warranty claim at the first moment they totally refused than they called suzuki supervisor who atlast agreed to change one of my head light and refused to change the second 1 and told me the other one is damaged. however there was no leakage and the problem was same as of the other headlight. Further my claim for 1 head light is accepted by Pak suzuki a week before but still Khalid motors warranty manager is saying that we dont have any head light and we will build a head light factory and make 1 for u in a year or two.

    Hats off to pak suzuki.. for such an innovative car. (Total Scrap)

  • Shoaib Muhammad

    Starting problem is not common .. Rest nothing to read as no issues of the car discussed but only cosmetics. . . a crap article .. Writer may write something technical . . .

  • Sardar Yaser

    agreed, crap article, nothing to read in it

  • Waseem

    You’ve wrote a huge article, that’s good but wasted your precious time writing the faults about cultus. Let me tell you if you better write the solutions about those faults so maybe it might help cultus owners.

  • Daniyal Maqbool

    I would say Khyber is still better than cultus. We have it for at least 9 years. And till now it only required a paintjob. Other than that she is working properly

  • Usman Malik

    Suzuki alto is much better in strength and quality that’s why they stopped production in 2012 of it. It is more comfortable, smart, graceful and reliable. I have alto 2002 model. I bought it zero meter (petrol). After 6 years i went for its tunning and sparkplugs was clean as new. After 1,00,000kms i overhauled the engine and replaced suspension with SGP original parts it is still new and my best partner on road and off road… also i fixied Japanese Alto 660cc’s electronic power steering in it. Now it is more comfortable than ever. Except its heater the cabin heating system is technically piece of engineering but failed engineering…

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    have a cultus in the family from 2003, Used it my self from 2005-2014 had to face no biggies except the usual doors and windows. i was amazed to see its engine quality as i got it overhauled at 220k Km in 2015. used Cng the whole time it was with me now the overhauled engine is giving 14-15km / litre in city

    in the end i would just say by reading all of you people that i was a lucky one I guess :

  • Zaeem Khalid

    Half the people complaining about the article probably weren’t able to understand the level of English! A good read! 😀

  • Yasir Rafiq

    Doors of every suzuki car here in Pak, except liana, require power to shut them.

  • saud

    Dear pak wheels… Do you have any other and comparatively good option to have a brand new car in 1 M range, locally manufactured (with easy spare parts avalailability), wider space, 1000cc and executive look then it would be good to mention here.

  • Saud

    The problems that you have faced are not all such that creates noticable problems like door shut off and exhaust noise. The others like starting problem etc are all depend on how you keep and use your vehicle so all could nor be treated like the same.

  • munib

    hahahaha . . .one of the best articles on PW

  • munib

    Why dont you pay billions of rupees to the writer of this article so that Suzuki need not to do any R&D and we can contact the writer instead for our cars ?

    Why should the writer give solutions ?

  • Hassan Rao

    Muja lagta hai bhai zeyada gusa aa gya 😉
    But still every single word I a terrible truth.

  • Hassan Rao

    Get an old corolla way better than cultus in every mean.

  • Sohail Ashraf

    well said

  • faisal

    salam, after buying cultus 2005 now i need to change engine oil. can you please suggest me which engine oil is best for cultus 2005 VXR? the previous owner was using Shell 10w-40 but my mechanic suggest me to use helix x5 yellow or helix x3 red gallon but 20w-50.
    will be grateful to have your suggestions.

  • Asim

    Guys, i switched my job and my company is giving me new cultus 2016 limited edition, lolz after reading your article and comments, i am thinking of keeping my Old Santro with me 🙂

  • Guest

    I recently go a new Cultus (2016-Limited Edition) from my company. To put it mildly, this is 1970s technology. The workmanship is pathetic and would not pass any ‘Quality Assurance’ tests anywhere in the world. Just to think how small things make a huge difference. 1) The dashboard is so poorly fitted that there is a gap on one side where you could easily slip in a few spoons if you wanted to. 2) Suzuki charges extra for the body ”coloured” side impact beams. So tell you what, they are not painted and have a cheap flimsy plastic coating which is already coming off two weeks into its life, revealing the original black plastic underneath.3) The doors dont shut properly and the hatchback holds onto something while opening and you feel you’ve broken something each time you open it. 4) No power steering in a 2016 model car. You better be a muscleman to drive this specially trying to turn while the car is stationary. Certainly not for the ladies !

    There is nothing good about this car. You feel everything will just fall apart if you touch it. I tried to switch off the roof light and the plastic covering it just fell into my hand. Please don’t waste your 1.1 million on this. Stay Away from this piece of trash !

  • Outlaw

    Guess what? we have the Champions Trophy and a new Cultus!