FAW Pakistan May Introduce The FAW D60 SUV In 2017

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Pakistan hasn’t seen actual competition in the automotive industry so it would be only fair to say that we haven’t actually seen how automakers introduce a new car globally. The introduction of a new car is an event spanning over years, an event in which the public, the customers and the company actually get together to bring the new car in to the market.

First, concepts are introduced to the public to gather intelligence on how they react to the concept of such a vehicle, if the public holds enough interest, then the designers and engineers go to the drawing board to draft out a production concept which is then put into extensive testing mode. While the engineers iron out the initial reservations about the design, the production concept is introduced to the public. This time, the model is what you’ll get, with all the add-ons there are to offer on the vehicle. If, this production model receives much attention and feedback, a date is announced and soon, you can book it through your dealerships.

Everything in between; leaks, or teaser images, or information that you see on the internet or elsewhere. Is the result of marketing departments arousing curiosity and interest in the public behind their product which is to come so they have bookings for the model.

We don’t know, but it has only been PakWheels who covers a car from the first sketch to the day it reaches the dealership floor. But we get the information from our mules within the company, rather the company taking the initiative and bringing the people on-board with the car(s) they are going to bring. Take feedback from the people, show that they interact and introduce, the reasonable changes. We were glad to see Audi Pakistan taking part in the discussions relating to Audi.

But FAW Motors was the one who approached us and sought our feedback first, we said how can we provide a feedback on a car, which we haven’t even touched. And alas! They gave us a car for an entire week to report on it, the best we can to the public. Since then, our review, mostly shares the sentiments with those who have got the chance to drive or buy it.

It is a small market with only a couple of cars available at a buyer’s disposal to choose from so one does not need to ask the people much before introducing the product. If the Mehran and Cultus can continue to sell; so can everything else.

So now that we’ve established your base around how a vehicle is introduced. Let’s get to our next priority. Sources within the corridors of FAW indicate that they may be able to bring FAW D60, a SUV within 2 million rupees but our sources say that if FAW was to launch today, you could buy it for only 16 lac rupees.


We already understand that FAW vehicles are quite good. I mean they are not great but given how well they are priced, they seem to be offering value for money better than any car but skeptics remain headstrong on the vehicle.

So to answer them, FAW D60 comes equipped with either a 1.5 liter engine, or a Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 2ZR Engine, and this fact changes the dynamics on which people are going to view the vehicle. The power is transferred to the wheels through a 6-Speed manual transmission with a mileage of 7.2 Liters per 100 kms, meaning an average of 13.88 kmpl.

The price doesn’t compromise on equipment or safety either. Alien technology (to us Pakistanis) is also going to be introduced such as; hill start assist (HSA), Automatic yaw control system (AYC), engine drag control system (EDC), Energy-absorbing collapsible steering column, and so much more.

We believe FAW is genuinely trying to make a difference and in a good price and plus, they read through PakWheels and take our comments and suggestions very seriously so I recommend that you all take this opportunity and let them know what you think about the vehicle. Would you buy a FAW D60 in Pakistan or not? Let us know in the comments.







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  1. yahya iqbal says

    Aoa. Yahya Iqbal businessman Sialkot. Currently I’m enjoying Terios 1.5 in suv class. If the price tag remains below TWO MILLION mark, surely I will take chance with FAW.

  2. alfa_whsky says

    A great news indeed for the exploited consumers of auto market of Pakistan. healthy competition is always beneficial in creating efficient & competitive markets. I hope FAW acts as the harbinger of change for our skewed auto industry and this catalyses interest / introduction of other auto makers to our industry.
    If things go as planned i’d say; Bravo, FAW Al Haj motors!

  3. Farhan says

    Awesome… I would buy it anyways ….:)

  4. adnan says

    Good addition for pakistani market. Where we had a drought of a good vehicles

  5. Naeem Masood says

    if this vehicle is introduced in Pakistan then it would be a blessing for us. we are the nation using most poorly designed vehicle uptill now. we are badly exploited by so-called Japanese Brands Toyota, Honda and suzuki.

  6. Naeem Masood says

    I would definitely buy this gorgeous vehicle and strongly recommend it to my friends and family

  7. Nabeel says

    That a very positive news, i would appreciate if FAW could bring few imported D60 SUV and place them in their Showrooms and gather general public response and than take any action.
    Looking at Pak market the first question people will ask is “Can i fit a CNG Cylinder” in it!! So you have to keep an eye on what people see when you try to beat Suzuki Cheap stuff with FAW. Locally made cars offer this CNG option and hence kills the doubt over fuel consumption.

    However is not a bad option at all to introduce a SUV in Pak market & FAW should start taking initiatives before someone else captures this niche. Looking at Government focus on Motorways, its not a bad option to introduce a SUV.

  8. Naeem Masood says

    toyota’s poorly designed wagon type SUV AVANZA having no personality is available for $28,000 in pakistan.

  9. Zee Zaik says

    Good news for us.
    An old soul like me would prefer automatic transmission.

  10. aliqadri says

    2017 is far away ……………. / let’s discuss something coming in this quarter …(if there’s anything)

  11. Fahad says

    Mini suv and next car is faw sedan

  12. Aamer says

    Why not they launch this suv by the end of this year (2015)

  13. babar says

    2017 is far away

  14. Asad Khaliq says

    Would definitely buy this vehicle and in a position to buy it now. If 1. 5 auto like the terios with 4wd.

  15. alfa_whsky says

    So the schedule is something like this: V2 1000 cc and automatic transmission in 12 months then suv in next 12 months and then a sedan in the next twelve. Quite a busy schedule for FAW.

  16. Umar Khan says

    Would definitely go for D 60…getting an suv with the above specification and price is the best option to be opted…waiting for its launching…

  17. Abdul Moiz says

    Should be introduced as soon as possible ..can’t wait !
    Faw will nail it coz it will beat the mighty corolla xli, gli and many more

  18. Kashif says

    I will go for it…Suv with Bmw look wow…

  19. Dr Imran says

    I would definitely buy this one. Could you please tell the seating capacity ?

  20. Ahsan says

    Its been a while since I have been searching for a reasonable SUV within 2 million range and sadly there arent much options except old ones which are difficult to maintain. I was anxiously looking forward to Renault Duster which was rumored to be launched in Pakistan but now its no where in sight. So a big YES to a good looking SUV within 2 million range.

  21. kashif says

    We badly need small SUV for people traveling regularly to villages. As roads are terrible there.
    2L diesel engine would deb best. We could live would out 4*4 but price should be around 15 LAC. Dacia Duster is best example of it.

  22. Shani Arain says

    i really like the shape . interior is also looking awesome and i always look to FAW and pray they introduce more and more vehicles so that we can enjoy some class in low money.

  23. Shaheer Jamal says

    similar to Kia Sportage

  24. Ali Parvez says

    Its Awesome SUV with Awesome Price Tag I Think I will go For it

  25. k.s says

    Both thumbs up, FAW Pakistan I really appreciate that you people are bringing up competition in auto industry of Pakistan, our auto market seriously need such a compact suv. If priced well and being an suv enthusiasts I will definately buy this one. K.S

  26. Aamir Bashir says

    This is an awesome SUV which would i hope get alot of attraction from Pakistanis … our Govt. should also try to encourage the automobile industries to come and set up their establishments, Govt. need to lower the Tax claims on the cars so people can afford the vehlicles of their choice … FAW has a chance to make their place in the hearts of the customers by providing better customer service, better build quality cars and good looking shapes i mean no copy the back of one and the front of another … they should make their cars they way that attract the younger generations.

  27. Rosh says

    Seems excellent in pics. I hope they will be able to deliver on mentioned quotes.
    One thing that didnt ticked is seating space. May be angle of snap made it so. Bcz in SUVs you must feel enough on space which somehow seems narrowed. Pakwheels; if you have experienced this vehicle please share your views on this.

  28. Salman says

    Coming with a 1.5 ltr engine + auto transmission with cng possibility and a price tag of 16 lacs if launched this year.. I’d definitely go for it asap.

  29. Fawad Shah says

    I will buy this car immediately if its price is anything less than or even equal to 2 million. Couple of suggestions from my side though. If they can also introduce a 4×4 Version of it as well and also an automatic gear version. I hope they launch this car before 2017. I just can’t wait.

  30. Fahad says

    1 thing which I hear faw launch sedan first than suv it looks different they are planning to launch suv first

  31. Fahad says

    1 more thing if faw give the same price tag as toyota yaris no one buy faw…

  32. Baber says

    We have had no interaction with the vehicle so far. Here’s hoping we do have.

  33. Muhammad Abdullah says

    I would seriously like to go for it because corolla is here for villages and city or civic is here for city. But if i could get both things in one and in even lesser price. Damn right i would go for it. 2M for a vehicle in 2017 seems like the best choice.

  34. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Plus the specs you are showing here are true and do come in 2M price range, even better. Thumbs up FAW.

  35. Hassan Sheikh says

    We will definitely buy it . Please introduce it as soon as possible

  36. Arsalan says

    1.5 Faw60, 4×4, in 1.6 million, yes definitely as specs mentioned above.

  37. Dr. Farhan Sajid says

    I shall definitely buy it.

  38. Awais Sandhu says

    every thing is perfect except the odo meter thts look like pure chinese version ,,,,,,faw has to lauch this in the end of this year as suzuki cultus and honda city is in the pipline in next years so it is difficult for d60 to make a place in the market as the psyco of mango man thy never buy a car thy also want to secure thr money…….

  39. Xuťē XcrēsȠťarĩán says

    Damn! good looking it is.. and with all the features it is going to introduce, Hell Yeah! I will definitely purchase the car and prefer it 10 times over Corolla Dabba or Fazul shaped Civic!

  40. Ali says

    Very good car in this price range. They should add automatic retractable side mirrors. It’s a must thing.
    Aur agar sunroof ho jaye to kya he baat hai.

  41. Guest says

    They can introduce the FAW Huali Dario. It is written 一汽–华利特锐 in Chinese and is identical to Toyota Cami or Daihatsu Terios 1st gen. (Daihatsu Terios 2nd gen was marketed as Toyota Rush and the Cami name was discontinued, so there is only one shape of Cami but 2 of Terios). In fact the Chinese version it is better than Cami in many sense that it came with brown/beige 2-tone interior. In China, the last model available is 2004 and still fetches very good resale value.

    Some other info: Zotye also manufacture Zotye 2008, Zotye 5008 and Zotye T200 which are identical to Toyota Cami, but those lack 4WD.

    FAW could launch both, a 4WD one and a 2WD one. 2WD ones would be sold the most as most people do not need a 4WD in an SUV, but they need ride height, ground clearance and water fording ability. With modern enhancements such as EPS (EPS was available in facelift version of Daihatsu Terios Kid which was a kei car version of the larger Terios, came with a shortened length and smaller engine), ABS and projector headlamps.

    Cami was a capable SUV and would make a killing in Pakistan because of:
    1. its small size compared to larger SUVs like Pajero (most people do not have parking space plus moving around town is better with a smaller car),
    2. less fuel consumption,
    3. 4-doors as compared to two doors of the available Potohar/Sierra/Jimny (here people have big families/crew and almost nobody prefers 2-door),
    4. better seating room with suitable leg space, it would be cheaper than than Jimny whose price has sky-rocketed,
    5. possibly fitted with diesel and petrol options
    6. 2WD versions could be made with 1000cc engine
    7. Cami is already being used in Pakistan so the local mechanics/denters understand it
    8. it is already being used so routine replacement parts are readily available
    9. the car has been discontinued in China so the tools and plant must be lying idle, can be quickly imported and put to use – thus achieve 100% localization quickly
    10. local publics already like the shape and driving style – because here people like the Japanese and German shaped cars but not used to American, Korean, Chinese, British, Italian, Russain or Indonesian faces (of cars). Example can be seen by reception of Santro, FAW V2 and Wagon R and comments of people on their contours
    11. there is already some localization of parts because it is already under local use
    12. there is infinite customization potential
    13. small SUV will save money on government projects where they are now buying Jimny which is very expensive for its size or other, larger SUVs which are not only expensive but difficult to park, maintain and feed
    14. may become the basis for new armored vehicles instead of Land Rover and also for military use where they are importing L200 etc.
    15. the 4×4 system is very capable just like Potohar so weakness of 4×4 will not be factor where people would want to prefer used Potohar over new 华利特锐
    16. plain version without any frills like side skirts etc. would be very easy to maintain

    Conclusion: just bring it in for around 1.3-1.5 million PKR, quickly localize it and make a killing.

  42. Fahad says

    This will came in 1.4 million to 1.7 million price tag confirm from faw person….they planning to launch in 1.5cc later 1.8cc

  43. Fahad says

    Me also hope…they launch in 2016

  44. waseem ul haq says

    i love change and badly hate Suzuki and Toyota cars they just giving us Tin packs in the shape of cars so if some one bring new as FAW D60 the i love to buy it

  45. Haroon Khan says

    Pakistan has a huge potential for a mid size, mid priced SUV. From the looks of this car, it looks like the latest KIA Sportage. I have seen the latest KIA Sportage and it is a very smart looking car. I think launching this car in Pakistan will be a huge success. Please launch it before 2016. Count me as a buyer.

  46. H says

    i would say that they should create a price difference wd corolla and civic and city and release it for 15 lac so people will be more intrstd in it because it saves them from wasting money on corolla and honda cars its looks amazing and i hope if they launch it in 2016 it would be a replacement for toyo and honda ……..and how many cc is it?

  47. Zain Zia says

    what about faw besturn x80 ?

  48. abdullah says

    The SUV looks amazing…..FAW is producing good cars but i fail to understand that why dont they spend money on the media campaigns……even V2 is a cool car but i havent seen a single commercial on the cable TV……..Advertise ur product and open more dealerships……FAW………otherwise u would fail……

  49. Name says

    yes people will buy this SUV. they should bring out all the modern shapes and equipment and at the lowest price as it is done in india and china .FAW will break HONDA/TOYOTA/SUZUKI. shamefull that a pathetic loaded corolla and civic sells in pak for more then the price of a big SUV. once again stupid people and inhuman govt and system

  50. Khurram says

    I am waiting for FAW 1300 CC sedan.

  51. Wahab Sarwar says

    FAW should launch a sedan in Pakistan with all latest gadgets.. we are tired of these SUZUKIS and over expensive Honda and Corollas…. Who would walk away from a vehicle that has all the latest gadgets and that too in reasonable price…

  52. Saud Chaudhery says

    Looking at the pics and specs above, and at that price, I would definitely go for it. The specs are goo, the price is awesome and the car looks very sleek too!

  53. NY says

    count me in

  54. Tariq Habib Rana says

    At 16 Lac, I would DEFINITELY BUY IT!

  55. Tariq Habib Rana says

    But please include an AUTOMATIC version

  56. Attiq says

    totally need change………..must support FAW if they deliever quality in this price.

  57. Shahzaib says

    Given the specs & price tag , I find no reason to not buy this car.
    Infact I am already in-love with their V2 hatchback, but just waiting for its auto transmission launch.

    But It must be equipped with all modern gadgets and options.

    All the best to FAW motors for their future endeavors & I look forward to buy this amazing car when they launch 🙂

  58. Ali Abbas Gardezi says

    With this price tag I will definitely buy this SUV but in automatic transmission

  59. sid says

    Big tumbsupp !!!! Must be introduced in Pk . Market. I will prefer it with automatic trans.

  60. SajjadK says

    I am gonna buy that !!! Well the price tag of 1.6M PKR or even 2M would bring a cut throat competition among the old bulls to keep pace with FAW for their survival and it would definitely be over sold beside fulfilling the demand they may face.

  61. SajjadK says

    I don’t agree with you, they are actually passing the budget to their customers for a definite purpose which recommendation by words of mouth or some sort of loyalty programme..

  62. SajjadK says

    I would like to add another suggestion, based on the current situation here in Pakistan we are going to see side by side shortages of fuels so the hybrid is the necessity of time and so we expect it FAW to consider their intentions towards bringing them here, even electric cars are good but the petrol cartels would never appreciate it to be promoted neither we have the potential to charge with such a massive electricity outrage. Do think about Hybrids too.

  63. fahad durrani says

    I would if they introduce an automatic transmission version

  64. Amir Rafiq says

    I would like and prefer to buy one if they introduce Hybrid technology in there vehicles.

  65. Hassan says

    This is by far the best looking Faw. Given the price qouted and hoping that an automatic variant is on the cards, its a must buy!

  66. Ahsan Kazmi says

    A MUST BUY man …. what else do u want in that price …. <3

  67. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Then thank god a gud car.

  68. Zoraiz Tanveer says

    seeing the shape i would buy the car as it gives a good look..just worried about the engine..the quality of interior they use.. further more i see they should provide it with more variants like basic without the infotainment and optional utilities so price will be more suitable and accesible for more people and they should also add sun roof ,cruisetronic n all that stuff in their top variant..further more they should reduce their badges as it gives a decent look both at the back n front.

  69. Syyed Hasnain says

    I am thinking of buying faw v2 but if they launch d60 tomoro I will go and buy it the day after , given the price range of 1.6m . I m loving the specs but please no v2 plastics, no disrespects although its a great great addition to the teen daba dalda market cars of pakistan. May FAW survives and prospers and change the butt and chaudry zamindaran minds of pakistan. Long Live FAW MOTORS.

  70. M. Mohsin Ali says

    Excellent entry by Faw Motors. They are making a good impact in Pakistan auto market. At first sight, it looked like a BMW SUV :).

    Due to my budget I am interested in V2. But one thing I am concerned about is what will be the condition v2 after a 2-3 years usage, which usually happens with all china made products. Initially they looked good but after some time these cars Kharak jati hain.

    If there is anybody using V2, please share your experience.

  71. MySchizoBuddy says

    Any update on this. will it be launched or not

  72. Umair says

    Why not sedan? What are they waiting for?
    Look at the price difference between mini cars (mehran,cultus) and sedan( xli,city). It has gone as high as 1 million rupees. This has created a great room in sedan category for new automakers. A great opportunity for faw.

  73. Sarfraz Ali says

    Dear the people who r using v2 since 2014 they r very happy with this.
    And myself who purchased v2 before 2 months i am also much happy with v3 lets see what happns in next years

  74. Sulman Ali says

    Definitely i will buy this car. Its amazing.

  75. zeeshan says

    they can definetly flurish with such tec introduced in pakistan …. only thing they have to take care is the quality …. if they can make it in good quality they will succeed …. people are really fade up to these three literally black mailing pakistanis …. hyundai was success as there product was good in quality and feature than these three …. although they had to face unfortunate incident with local partner …. now this model …. price is reasonable as per the current standards but exterior and interior they need to work out more like honda vezel

  76. sarfraz khan says

    Excellent entry by Faw Motors. They are making a good impact in Pakistan auto market.

  77. Khizer says

    Iam a user of FAW V2 and i purchased the vehicle from FAW Apollo Motors, the pioneers and having a big name in the automobile service sector. I would just say that the car is something ‘value for money’ and is far better than cultus and swift in every expect considering the drive and the options given inside. Lastly FAW is the only company in Pakistan providing 3 years warranty. If D60 launches in Pakistan i would be the first person to get it!

  78. Hammad Ahad Razi says

    Kindly launched in 2016, because I want to replace with my SIRUS S-80 1.3

  79. uzairali says

    Wow its better than pak Suzuki & many makes in pakistan. Faw is mind capture of cars lovers……..

  80. Pardeep Kumar says

    Super model…………….i want to purchase……………

  81. DMFM91 says

    well….FAW should produce a Model competetor to the FORD TUNER..or at least hundyai santae 2015..106 models,will be the best for sale in Pakistan.

  82. Faisal Shahzad says

    For Sure, I as a pakistani recommends and encourage every Automobile product to be launched in Pakistan for a good competition in price and quality ……..waiting to see this product in Pakistan Soon

  83. Raheel Mahmood says

    The car seems to be good in design, equiped with all latest features & if the price is around 1.6 million we will definitely prefer it.

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