Fiat Is Interested In Making Pakistan Its Next Destination

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Lately, we have been talking about how few of the European automakers are interested in starting their operations in Pakistan. Russians have also met with concerned ministers and officials of Pakistan government. It seems like Fiat is also interested in making Pakistan its next market.

Stefano Pontecorvo, the Italian Ambassador to Pakistan, met with the Pakistani Finance Minister and mentioned the intentions of Fiat to make Pakistan “the next possible investment destination”.

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Pakistan has been working on its auto policy for the last couple of years. The purpose of rewriting the policy was to form incentives for the other foreign carmakers to consider Pakistan as their next destination. Although Japanese officials have been doing some serious lobbying to defend their three carmakers currently working in Pakistan.

“Pakistan provides significant trade links ranging from China in the east to Lebanon in the west in addition to the entire Central Asian region.”

The envoy met with the Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar on Thursday and talked about the issues of investment and trade between the two nations. The Italian Ambassador said that Fiat is interested in making Pakistan its next stop considering the ample cheap labor and the strategic position in the region.

Italian businessmen will be visiting Pakistan in the start of 2016 in order to meet with their Pakistani counterparts. It is yet to be seen whether this group will have Fiat representatives as well or not.

Fiat tried to set up its operations in Pakistan back in the 1990s but couldn’t sustain. Hopefully they come to Pakistan again and make it this time.

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  1. Uzair says

    Maybe the group coming in 2016 has Lamborghini and Maserati representatives instead of Fiat! Just saying!

  2. Bil says

    Forget about the Fiat. Guess what?
    We are going to get a Suzuki Cultus facelift! wuhuu!

  3. Mango People says

    PPP and PML-N governments have no potentials to improve auto policies of Pakistan. I don’t think ISHAQ DOLLAR would be succeded in getting his Token (Hissa ) from Fiat, whcih they ask from every auto maker to establish in Pakistan. Suzuki , Honda and Toyota gift their cars to our Policy makers…. Ishaq Dar is completely on its failure , He shows us IMF loans as our reserves.

  4. Guest says

    New models by Fiat are beautiful and sleek. The mechanicals have improved too. Last time Fiat came in with Fiat UNO 1700 cc diesel. It was a nice car for its time but the engine was highly taxed compared to the other cars of its time.
    Plus these companies like Fiat, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai fail to train the roadside mechanic (who is the source of shopping advice and all repair). Investors should learn by now that companies come and go but Pakistani consumer would trust and prefer the mechanic at the corner of his/her street. Most mechanics are family mechanics and have been serving the customer’s family for generations.
    The companies should have less focus on after-sales service as honestly people aren’t able to afford it. Rather, the companies can go agile, no brick-and-mortar, sell online only, and provide training to third party mechanics.

  5. وجاہت علی says

    No comments.. Lets see.. Last time i heard VW was also planning!!!

  6. Usman says

    They’re planning actually but it all depends on auto policy. Govt has until now failed to release it bcoz of pressure from both sides i.e existing big 3 and europeans that plan to enter the market

  7. Muhammad Yasir says

    yeah … about 50 years later ,when most of us will either be VEGETABLES on six-feet deep -_-

    really hate the local govt laziness for implementing good reforms for the populace !

  8. Muhammad Yasir says

    i HATE the big 3 -_- !
    they offer over priced cars and nothing else !

  9. M Salman Tariq says

    Dil Behlanay ko yeh khayal acha hai ghalib

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