Ghandhara Nissan Intends To Bring New Car Models In Pakistan By 2017

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Ghandhara Nissan Limited planning to start the production of new cars by 2017 in Pakistan. A delegation of Nissan Japan, Ghandhara Nissan Pakistan, Renault, and Al Futtaim Group UAE met with the Minister of State Dr. Mifta Ismail on Wednesday and expressed their intentions about bringing the Datsun brand to Pakistan and the timeline to start the production and launch of the new models.

Ghandhara Nissan auto assembly plant was leased to Sigma Motors where Land Rover Defender was being assembled. Ghandhara briefly restarted the assembly process of cars from 2007 to 2009 after the production stopped back in 1999.

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When the auto policy was being worked on, Nissan and Renault met with government officials to discuss plans to introduce new models. The auto policy has an incentive for plants that have been lying idle, and Ghandhara Nissan falls in that category. It is being called the Brown Field Category, or Category B for short. The category offers duty incentives and benefits to such closed units.

The State Minister said that Pakistan has the fifth largest middle class in the world and by 2025, there will be 100 million people falling in this class. And this is a great opportunity for new automakers to come and grab the chance to make a name for themselves in Pakistan’s auto sector before it gets saturated.

The Category B allows the manufacturers to import of non-localized parts at 10% of customs duty, whereas, 25% duty for localized parts for a period of three years. It is no doubt a right time for not only Nissan but also for Hyundai/Kia to take advantage of the chance and once again start production of their vehicles.

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  1. Kashif Akbar says

    This is great news we waited from NISSAN. there is no doubt DATSUN GO will be the blockbuster if launched at a right price and sooner to knock-out much hated mehran. since the assembly plant is in place already, we , the people, recommend GNL to start production within 2016 because the company who offers sale at first will be the leader. the GO with all features and specs like we see in indian make and at a right price , the sale figures will go dramatically unbelievable for the auto maker itself. i must mention , i see many people who are reluctant to to make next purchase of mehran with a hope that we will have an alternative soon

  2. aliqadri says

    will come ……… and leave Pakistan in couple of years …… history of Nissan!

  3. Kashif Akbar says

    You are right. hope GNL will learn from its history.

  4. Lahore Gladiators says

    Suzuki please increase the price of Mehran . It should be priced at Rs 8 lacs 25 thousands , and Wagon-R vxl should be priced at Rs 12 lacs. Re introduce Suzuki Fx for the price of Rs 6 lacs , and Baleno for the price of Rs 18 lacs. Increase the price of Swift to Rs 16 lacs. moreover , Carry Dabba should be priced for Rs 5 lacs. I love you Pak suzuki and I know you produce WORLD’S BEST QUALITY CARS ONLY IN PAKISTAN. You should introduce your Mehran , Bolan , Cultus and Ravi in Japan and Australia , i am sure those prople will LOVE OUR PAK SUZUKI MADE CARS, Specially our Suzuki Mehran is world’d TOP CLASS CAR , with UNBREAKABLE BODY AND POWERFULL AUTO BOOSTERJET ENGINE….. Suzuki Mehran will go a HIT in a Japan…. Anxioulsy waiting for RELAUNCH OF SUZUKI FX ,with same great features of 1982…. Kya Cars hen Suzuki ki yaar…… I LOVE FAW V2 , and wanna buy it soon after selling my 2015 MODEL CULTUS…… R.I.P. PAK SUZUKI

  5. Waleed Ahmed says

    Abhi ai hai Nai, Or Aap Janaab pehlay he Qayass Araiyaan Shuru!

    Aap kya Totaa Fall walay Baba hain? Jo Nissan ka future bta rahain hain?

    No doubt it’s history, But I am sick of seeing pessimists trying to break hopes of choice-less Pakistanis & If you’re a Paksuzuki or Atlas fan/employee, Please, It would be nice of you to say any thing here.

  6. usman niazi says

    try to be more subtle with sarcasm 😀

  7. Engineer from U.E.T says

    This article is about Datsun , Nissan.Any ways , i think Datsun Go is unable to get attraction in India because of several issues, and this car has flopped.:D Datsun/Nissan should bring something soft and comfortable rather than high end features, because comfortable ride is every thing…. You cannot worth ABS or AIR BAGS or Power Windows while driving , but smooth and noiseless interior is required, plus a beautiful interior. Power Steering is a must option.

  8. Muhammad Yasir says

    how high were you , when u wrote this 😀

  9. Muhammad Yasir says

    he was prolly high AF , so cut him some slack 😀

  10. Muhammad Yasir says


    hopefully their cars will be cheaper for the common man’s affordability ease !

  11. Muhammad Yasir says

    well said …

    hey listen , i know we had it out a few weeks ago , i’m sorry ’bout that.

    seems we are on the same wavelength and think-alike on the local automotive car scene , would be anti-climactic to have divergent ties.

  12. Hassan says

    I think Hyundai should bring i10 in the hatchback market and Elantra in the sedan market. Both these cars will do great if they are priced correctly.

  13. Wasiq Khalid says

    Rather stay high and happy or be depressed by looking at this countrys cars.

  14. Muhammad Yasir says

    hope that changes , bro

  15. Wasiq Khalid says

    IA one day. ☺

  16. AbdulB1 says

    no suzuki should increase price of mehran to 1.3 million rupees so no sensible person buys it.

  17. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    nissan will flop because suzuki makes the world’s best and cheapest cars i love suzu-ki

  18. Adil Saleem Khan says

    only allow electric cars

  19. farok sayer says

    suzuki is junk and if u dont know it u are too.

  20. The Blessed Guy says


  21. Hassan Ali says

    What a fabulous rant 😀

  22. Saad Masood says

    Rest in peace my friend. and dont forget to shut the stone-door at your cave while sleeping 😀

  23. Saad Masood says


  24. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    sir rest in peace your sense of humour

  25. kulfi wala says

    Why don’t you buy khota reri. Its more cheap plus the comfort level is better than suzuki pathetic cars =D

  26. Salman Ansari says

    Sir datsun radigo launching in pakistan which price

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