Government may ban non-filers from buying cars again

Once again, the government might impose the ban on non-filers and restrict them from purchasing cars and property, says Finance Minister.

On 18 September 2018, Finance Minister, Asad Umar, while presenting the amendments to the budget 2018-19, uplifted the ban on non-filers from purchasing cars and after that, the debate regarding its positive and negative aspects on the economy continued. Some argued that lifting the ban will bring positive changes to country’s economy as the government will be able to generate more revenue, while some industry analyst lambasted this step and made the point that it is unfair to the people who are filers, also it will hinder government’s efforts to make people filers.

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The Finance Minister, while speaking to the media said that the government is ready to reconsider its position on the non-filer issue. We don’t have ego problem at all, genuine feedback will be entertained, he said.

Commenting on the issue, some of the new entrants said banning non-filers won’t be an issue for them, however, on the other hand, some argued that ban on non-filers might damage the auto industry in the long run.

The ban on non-filers was imposed by the previous government in an aim to encourage people to become filers. The sales of local car makers dip, after the ban on non-filers except Toyota IMC. And as the ban has been lifted, industry experts are hoping that the local companies will regain the profit in sales.

Let’s wait and see government’s next plan of action on the non-filer issue. Until then, stay tuned to for updates.

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  1. Make up your mind government. This isn’t the small little party meeting that you hold every now and then. Whatever decision is taken affects 200 million people. So make up your mind. Either ban it or unban it but stick to one policy. They’re acting like a bunch of high school girls who can’t decide what to wear at a party.

  2. @All
    And thats how our bureaucracy always work. They never wants to facilitate the people which is what their responsibility is by guiding the government in the right direction, so any one who wants to change the future of Pakistan should first and fore most change the bureaucratic system of this country as they are the real problem not politicians or the lack of tax collection.

  3. capsat says:

    Yes the economy shall be documented

    over behest of expats living abroad the sitting Govt reviewed the current taxation regime thus "suspended" for 100 days i.e upto 31 .12. 2018

    a new formula for taxation is under development for EXPATS with a valid NICOP and residency over Pakistani passport or other country passport holder with NICOP will be classified differently by Dec 2018., For them to be a legal EXPAT FILER they shall be able to produce proof of money transfer through banking channels only .

    Once the new classification is in place the suspended filer / non filer regime will be activated again with added new rules.

    insha Allah

  4. Below is the news of April 30th, 2018.

    All the non-filers in Pakistan are in for a huge surprise as the new Budget 2018-19 bars the non-filers from purchasing new vehicles manufactured in Pakistan or imported in the country.

    The government of Pakistan will not allow the people to buy a car if their name is not present in the active taxpayers’ list (ATL) of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). According to the Finance Bill 2018, “Non-filers shall not be permitted to purchase new motor vehicles manufactured in Pakistan or new imported vehicles.”

    my question is why on last budget;
    why this was not imposed when Mr.Dar was the finance minister for 4 years?
    why on that last budget of PML-N, announced it by Miftah?
    why they change the TAX slab drastically for salaried class?

    Why? i know the answer.

    Money circulation is stopped after that last budget by Miftah. NON-FILERS cant buy Property upto 4 million and Cars. People hoarded the money.

    Hope we can understand.

  5. so you just proved that the economy is so shit that people literally stopped cash flow,, NICE. These same aborted fetus of humans called non-tax filer businessmen should be punished.

    suspend the currency like India did - and issue new bank notes. It will flush these out of the system.

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