Here Are Few Of The Relatively Cheaper Ways To Import A Car In Pakistan

In my previous articles in the car-import guide, I discussed the merits and demerits of importing a car yourself and the close-to-accurate cost you will have to bear if you plan to import a car yourself. After detailed cost estimation, we came to know that a self-imported car costs more than the showroom price of the car. I think my previous article on cost estimation for importing a car was kind of discouraging for readers who were planning to step in the import of cars. To counter that, I thought of writing another blog about alternate ways of importing car but in overall cheap cost.

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Import units in bulk:

As I mentioned in my previous article (Merits and Demerits of Importing a car yourself) that the C&F for bulk is way less than the C&F for a single unit, and consequently the C&F difference of bulk and a single unit is the primary profit earned by importers and dealer. Professional importers pay Rs. 14,500 C&F on 660cc car whereas the C&F for a single unit 660cc car is Rs. 110,000.

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Select some odd colored car:

I know most people do not like to compromise on their color preferences when it comes to buying or importing a car especially when you are to use it for yourself. But buying an odd colored car for import can save you some good amount of money. Different than usual colored cars have a low bidding price as compared to cars with metallic and typical colors (primarily white and silver). The analysis of auction prices according to car color shows that odd colored cars sell at a price 10-15% less than the regular auction prices. Further, the analysis of auction prices shows that metallic and black colored cars have 10-15% higher auction prices as compared to typical colored cars.


Look for a car you can buy directly:

Direct purchase is when you buy a car from a private seller in Japan directly. Though looking for a direct purchase car isn’t easy but if you have a credible reference in Japan, it is always recommended to go for a direct purchase vehicle especially if you are only searching for a metallic colored car. Auctioned metallic colored car would cost you 40-50k extra as compared to a directly purchased car.

Buy a damaged car:

It’s not what you might think. Bidding for a damaged car in an auction can save you more than your expectations. You will find a number of damaged cars with very low mileage and sound engine available for the auction. It isn’t a bad choice to sacrifice a panel of a genuine car body for the sake of a fully loaded car with low mileage and latest model. Damaged car in auction goes for 30-35% less auction price as compared to usual auction price. The damaged car is exported along with its to-be-repaired spare part. It would just cost you some labor work like denting and painting to get your car repaired thoroughly. This little inconvenience can save you more than 150,000 on a 660cc car. But prefer not to buy a car that has a damaged bonnet as it might require some repair work with the engine as well.

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I hope this article would help you in finding a way to a cheaper imported car. The main thing is, you might have to compromise in couple of things if you are looking for a freshly imported cheaper car. I get that bright purple colored car will look kind of funny but it can save you a lot of money. But keep in mind that getting rid of such will also not be that easy. Also, when I say buy an accidented car, I don’t mean something with major damage. You will find a lot of car with light accidental damage in auction, like dented fender or damaged boot lid. Those things can easily be repaired here relatively cheap. There are chances that the 660cc car you are buying from the dealer also had that kind of minor damage and repaired here but the auction sheet was bogus/fabricated.

Importing and buying cars can be tricky. Best of luck!


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Shaf Younus

I'm an Auto Enthusiast, a Tech Savvy and above all, Citizen of Pakistan.

  • Muhammad Umair

    Thank for the article. “Buy a damaged car” This is extremely dangerous advice, which should not be followed. Because we cannot be sure how hit on any part affected the critical areas of the body structure. E.g. What if a hit on the fender damaged the front crumple zones in a way that made the 5 star crash rated car into Mehran Rated Crash rating?

    What if a hit on the left door damaged the Chassis in a way that is dangerous? Unibody designs of these small Japanese cars make in-direct hit to critical part likely.

    So, please educate Pakistan on safety of the cars. Pakwheels authors must stop ignoring passenger safety in their articles.

    Engine and fancy features are not going to help in an accident. Good Crash rated body without damage is going to help a lot.

  • Sajawal Hashmat

    I think theoretically Mr. Younus is RIGHT and somehow practically too, most of the Jap Vehicles now in Pakistan are smaller due to the duty structure as 660 cc is heavily subsidised, it is another topic of discussion IF these 660cc cost matches worth accordingly, which I think Not. But first let’s see can you really buy a car Cheaper from Japan?
    Most of auctions in Japan offers car in such a way that you eventually end up at same cost if not higher at the end of the day.
    Buying in Bulk will not save a penny
    So Buying in Bulk will only save some bucks in Freight charges as per shipping company rates, if you get hold of one 40′ container that definitely will cost much cheaper BUT this arena is exclusive for BUSINESSMEN not for a common man. Saving 93000 odd by investing in another 3 vehicles is NOT WISE at all.
    Color selections
    Its simple Demand & Supply thing, if you buy an odd color to save 10% ( as per Mr. Younus ) you will have less no. of buyers if you want to sell it and will lose much when it comes to residual value of the car. So simple unless you agrees to drive a shocking pink, Deep Yellow & hyper blue may try to get 10% off and keep prepared to sell it on throw away price in next 3 years.
    Last but no the least BUY A DAMAGE one
    News is most of the cars are damaged in terms of Japs and repairable in terms of Pak and most of the cars on roads are repaired try to visit some good workshops dedicated there time on the body works of these NOT so WISE choice.
    My Advise is, Buy Locally, either Jap or the Cheap Paki Made cars which are in most of the countries does not qualify for HUMANs. Still Toyota one Model costing 1.6 Million has a Windows which needs manual labor. So either a Jap or Local most of cars in Pakistan are Cheap and sub standard. Except Luxury Jap or European Cars somehow.
    Forgive me of my language and grammar as well spelling

  • Cadillac69

    Shaf Younus
    I live in the USA for Over 20 years I would always dreamt & loved to bring my favorite dream classic car to Pakistan so give me your professional advice how much it would be the tax will cost for custom and all email you may let me know with chat

  • Sheeraz

    Can you explain how to import in bulk and reduce C&F? I talked to ICM Japan and they said that C&F is fixed per vehicle even if you import 10 cars

  • Ikramullah Khan Durrani

    Shaf yousaf thank you for the amazing articles. I would like to get your advice regarding buying direct from the stock of a private Japanese dealership. Is that worth the risk?

  • Athar Aijaz

    Hey! You have shared so informative content, many thanks for that! (Y)
    Can you let us know the actual criteria of importing cars by gift scheme, my brother is in USA.

  • Adnan Khan

    yer pls tell me how to buy a car in auction..? and icm japan company is save to trade.?

  • rahatakhan

    Shipping cars in a container reduces the cost because then the freight is only charged for the one container which can hold upto 5 small 660cc cars.

  • rahatakhan

    I am sorry for being negative but damaged cars do not come with their replacement parts. Someone in Japan has to locate and buy them separately, for which he will charge a commission plus the cost of the part. But overall the total price is still cheaper than buying a non- accidental car.
    Also having it repaired in Japan before shipping is an expensive option.

  • Shafique ahmed

    What is meaning of bulk i e two cars are bulk and how much can I save if I buy 2 or 3 cars , their would be decrease in government duties in Pakistan or other savings , pls reply .