Here Are Four Car Modifications That Can Help Improve Your Daily Driving Experience

The craze of car modifications went to its limits back when first Fast and Furious movie was released. After that, all hell broke loose. Even getting those grounding wires was considered as a car modification. Folks used to brag about expensive aftermarket air filters in their CNG cars. But here is the thing, I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I mean who are we, or anyone else for that matter, to tell you that you shouldn’t do this or do that. I mean it’s your car. You can do whatever you want to do.

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But if you are thinking of adding or doing something extra to your car that can help you extend the life of your car, we have come up with four upgrades that might be useful to you and your car.

Paint sealant/protector

This is something I think every new car owner in Pakistan should get done to their vehicles. A typical service will cost you from Rs8000 to Rs15000 for your regular mid-size cars like Corolla or Honda depending on the company and the procedure they are practicing. Bigger vehicles like Land Cruiser or Pajero can cost Rs20000 to Rs25000. A typical service will have your car’s exterior, interior, engine bay and trunk treated. Sometimes it is also referred as glass coating. Various types of sealants and methods are being used nowadays. Search a little online or ask your friends about the service they might have heard about. The only downside is that it takes one whole day to completely do your car. But one day of khuwari can help save your car for a long time.

car paint sealent

Install security systems

A good quality Steelmate security system should cost around Rs3500. There are more brands as well. Do a little research before getting one installed. And make sure your electrician/technicians knows what he is doing and doesn’t rip all the wires under your dashboard for installation. However, cheating a typical security system is nothing for an expert car thief. So if you are worried about your new Corolla Altis Grande getting stolen, think about investing in a car tracking services available in Pakistan. A handful companies are offering such services nowadays, and their rates are quite competitive. An average service will set you back something like Rs40000. Bargain a bit and you can easily find a decent tracking service for less than that.

steelmate 2 way security system

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Add better sound/infotainment system

Well, why not? Considering how much time you spend in your car, upgrading your head unit can make your journey far pleasurable. You can easily find a decent single din Kenwood or Pioneer’s head unit for Rs8000 and a decent pair of speakers for about Rs3000. And if you want to go for a double din units or an LCD device, a Chinese LCD head unit will cost you from Rs8000 to Rs15000 depending on the quality. But if you want to go for renowned brands, they can cost you around Rs25000 and above depending on the model and features. Find your next head unit here.

 Car_DVD_Player  Kenwood_DVD_Player

Install a dashcam and reversing camera

A typical dashcam costs around Rs5000 and there are plenty available on online stores. And you can find reverse cam from Rs1000 for regular one to Rs2500 for HD cams. If you are already getting a head unit with LCD, get the cam as well. Typically, the technician will charge around Rs1000 for the installation and it takes around one hour depending on your vehicle. Considering how horrendous the traffic has become in our metropolises, I think getting such devices can save you a whole lot of trouble in your daily city driving. The reverse cam especially has become a must-have upgrade.


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These are just a few modifications that we think can actually be useful to almost every car owners. To finish it off, get yourself a quality car shampoo and microfiber cloth. You can add as many air intakes or expensive spark plugs as you like, but spending on these things can actually help you and make your driving experience a little easier and joyful.

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  • Guest

    Air intakes, grounding kit and expensive spark plugs do not improve the driving experience? o_0

  • obaid

    what about things to reduce road noise & traffic noise pollution ?

  • usman

    They deteriorate the driving experience. And are a waste of money.

    I dont know if you are talking sarcastically.