Here’s How You Can Identify an Accidented Car!


Buying a used car can be a tough decision at times. One may easily get fooled by the dealers and can end up buying an accidental car that was repaired inside out. With reference to my previous article Here’s Why You Should be Cautious When Buying an Imported JDM Car, a lot of people questioned: is it possible to identify an accidental car? Well, identifying an accidental car may be quite difficult but there are a number of steps you should undertake in order to make sure that the car you are buying is neither accidental nor repainted. Here are few tips that will help you in this regard.

Conduct a Color Test:

Undertaking a color test can be very helpful in identifying the originality of car’s paint. The after-market paint job can be identified by taking a walk around the car and observing it in detail, for example: if any part of the car appears to be different in color shade than the rest of the car is your first indication. Aftermarket paint jobs often fade away and do not appear exactly the same as factory paint job. It is recommended to observe doors, hood, and panels of the car to see if there is a difference of color shade. It is recommended to inspect the car’s paint in sunlight as the after-market paint appears to be dull upon reflection of sunlight.

Finger Test:

Finger test can give you valuable information about the after-market denting and painting of a car. To run a finger test, walk around the car and run your fingers along the panels, doors, hood and the entire body of your car. In the case of after-market denting or paint job, you will be able to easily feel (upon touching) the haphazard layers of colors. Inspect the paint of your car under the sun by placing your finger on a body part. If you do not see a sharp reflection of your finger, that particular part might have been repainted.

Inspect the seals:

If your -potential- car has been in a major accident, then there is a strong possibility of its seals becoming undone or resealed. Make sure to inspect these seals, particularly of its panels, doors, and the hood. The other case in this situation is a misalignment of these seals.

Verify the Auction Report:

In case you are interested in buying an Imported JDM car, make sure to verify your auction sheet. You can refer to my article Read And Find Out How To Online Verify Auction Sheet Of Your Imported Japanese Car. If you are still unable to verify the auction report, get in touch with a JDM importer and he will verify your auction report from live auction house servers.

Let’s do it for you:

If you are really quite concerned about the originality of the car you plan to buy. Let us help you with our CarSure Expert teams. Our CarSure experts will generate a complete report based on:

• Engine / Transmission Check
• Suspension / Steering Check
• Brakes Check
• Electronics / Computer Check
• Exterior Check
• Accidental Check
• Test Drive



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Notable Replies

  1. Really Nice and Helpful Article for Second Hand Car users not only JDM but also Pakistani Used Cars. Keep it up bro.

  2. "a lot of people questioned: is it possible to identify an accidental car?"
    Accidental car!?! mean accidented car, right?

  3. A good article indeed however I would like to point out that CarSure has lost its credibility a lot recently. More than a few incidents have come up where customers who bought cars after getting them checked by CarSure found out that their cars were in really bad condition and the CarSure teams simply gave wrong information regarding the situation of those cars which in turn made the customers waste a lot of cash.

    If you can write an article about why there was a slip in the service provided by CarSure and had information from both the customers who faced such a dilemma and the CarSure team spokesperson defending his company, maybe you can bring out a positive image and give us the true picture of what's really happening.

    CarSure needs to take notice of their errors and up their game.
    Untill CarSure gets competition. They will keep on treating us like most Pakistani organizations do every chance they get.

  4. Does CarSure use paint thickness measurement gauge like the Elcometer?

    If they dont then its a useless inspection.

  5. You are right about this and it goes both ways, recently i got my vitz inspection performed by car sure and the only place which i had repainted was my rear bumper, my car got 82% overall and good engine / transmission / body frame scores.

    Now comes the good part, i had detailing done on my car from Miracle details worth Rs 40K and then i got my bumper repaired, the report told me that my whole car was repainted and only the bumper was original LMFAO?
    Is this a joke? what instrument are you using to check the color ? the only place that was color came up as clear in y report and all the other areas where i had detailing done came up as repaint?

    I will never try CarSure ever, its better to get a local mechanic and painter to inspect for you in 500 when CarSure cant get job done in 2K.


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