Honda BR-V Adding an Exclusive Taste in the Automobile Biosphere.


Honda Pakistan has been arriving into factions at the last-minute or so for some time now. It came too late to the diesel enactment and has arrived in the SUV competition late on top too. That said, the Honda BRV is a smartly wrapped vehicle, being very much spacious than the other competitors. Though you will only miss traction and cruise control, rest, all features are included.

Pakistan Market Review on Honda BR-V

Although, it’s a new elegance added by Honda, It’s got a modest automatic transmission that will serve fine in city traffic. The public already had a grand response to the late arrival, despite booking for about 4 to 6 months. The BR-V has decent control and road grip. If you are looking for some maturity in drive feature, then BR-V is not what you want to drive from side to side. The sensation and feel of the design are also awesome unlike that of the Suzuki APV.

Honda BR-V Specifications

In a nation which is conquered with sedans, by tradition dominated by Corollas and Civics, Honda BR-V adds an exclusive taste in the automobile biosphere. Even though BR-V has remarkable specifications but many of its shaded features easily put you off too. The buying decision for this compacted MPV has altered for a lot of people. But, those who are already enjoying the ride have a different set of thoughts.  The major specs for both i-VTEC and S i-VTEC are:

You get:

Engine: 1.5-litre petrol

Power: 117bhp at 6,600rpm

Torque: 145Nm at 4,600rpm

Gearbox: CVT

Claimed Fuel Efficiency: 16Km/l for CVT

Honda BR-V Glitches & Hitches

This good-looking MPV is a fine-deal for large families. Regardless of being assembled in Pakistan, Honda BR-V is priced to appeal a majority of sedan buyers. Though we wouldn’t have had an issue with pricing, only if we spotted no lack of safety and security features along with many others. In Pakistan, the price of the standard i-VTEC model is Rs. 2,229,000.00.

With our Facebook page and customer’s reviews, we must say that Honda Atlas Pakistan needs to address quality issues to get more consumer engagement. However, you will be startled to note that the international BR-V does have them built-in for its consumers.

  1. Front passenger side airbag.
  2. Addition of armrest
  3. Push start/stop button.
  4. Crash sensor and Impact sensing  Auto door unlock
  5. Paddle Shift.

The BR-V Launch

Bold Runabout Vehicle is a 7-seater that bears a strange similarity to Honda Mobilio. No doubt that BR-V is Honda’s strength to rule the nationwide market. And yet, why wouldn’t it do so? It is an enormously practical, roomy and rock-hard MPV. Nevertheless, the performance reaction is our next step to classify the BR-V. Honda introduced this vehicle as an alternative for Toyota Avanza and Suzuki APV.

The two variants of Honda BR-V released in Pakistan consist of:

  • iVTEC Grade for 2,229,000.00 rupees
  • iVTEC S-Grade for 2,329,000.00 rupees


Performance & Engine

The renowned 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine that powers Honda City Aspire 1.5 has been applied to both variants of the BR-V. You get a continuously variable transmission which trumps conventional automatic transmission at any given day. The general public view is mixed and still differs when it comes to the build quality of this vehicle.

The drive of BR-V is much superior as it offers marvelous equilibrium and road grip. The suspension is well-designed to absorb most of the road bumps in an operative mode.

Competitor Station

The main competitors are Toyota Avanza and Suzuki APV, but the amazing Honda BRV has made its place in the adventure centralized people. Reports indicate that due to an awe-inspiring reaction, supplies of BR-V has been suspended until September. However, the same report suggests a pre-booking of at least a 100 BR-Vs. Overall The price is a good combination with the features in the Pakistani market. If you are looking for a comfy option which gives decent mileage, do give Honda BRV a chance to impress you.

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