Spy Shots – New 2016 Honda Civic Spotted While Testing In Lahore

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The excitement and speculation of Honda Civic 2016 got to a whole new level as two test mules were caught being tested on Lahore-Multan Road, last night.

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Test mules are used by auto manufacturers to test their cars according to the road and weather conditions of a country before public release. They are equipped with prototype equipment to gather data for development purposes and are camouflaged to prevent public attention and speculation. With Honda Civic 2016 officially making its way to Asian markets by launching in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and test mules of 2016 Honda Civic emerging on Pakistani roads also testify a sooner launch in our market. Photos also clearly indicate dual tailpipes and exterior dimensions of the car.

Discussion: 10th Generation Civic ” Exclusive Pakistan Launch

Not too long ago we reported that the new 2016 Civic will be launched here in Pakistan as soon as June-July. And from the looks of it, Honda Atlas is working hard to make that possible. The Honda HR-V didn’t do as well as Honda Pakistan had hoped for. And it is time Honda Pakistan brings out a car that can actually change the fortune of the company.

Following are the first and exclusive photos and videos of 2016 Honda Civic in Pakistan taken by our Content Writer, Adan Ali.



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  1. Badar Shehzad says

    Launch will be in September, not June or July. Confirmed from a friend at Honda.

  2. Ghayyour says

    most probably in October

  3. Clive Dane says

    FINALLY, first real proof

  4. Barkan Saeed says

    booked it.. coming in july

  5. zohaib says

    really did you booked ? whats cost

  6. A. Ibrahim says

    Price idea anyone ?

  7. Farhan Khan says

    this will be called Civic 2017

  8. deltree says

    Looks like a turbo version, I think the non turbo versions in the us market are without the visible exhausts!

  9. X Auto says

    No Turbo, No LED Headlamps, No Safety, Still expensive then in the U.S ! Welcome to Pakistan Civic. Thanks Honda PK.

  10. MNWR says

    Where u booked? Booking is not start yet..

  11. Muhammad Khurshid Anwar says

    i test drove new civic in Dubai yesterday. it has lots of features, not sure if the same will come in Pakistan. but the drive is definitely better than any civic i ever tried. lets see how many quality shortcuts Atlas will go for.

  12. Saeed says

    Yaar jo bi hai, one think is confirm, corolla ki band bajnay wali hai 😛 tamaam paindu crowd of corolla drivers ready rahay hahaha 😀

  13. Saeed says


  14. A. Ibrahim says

    Not necessarily. A lot will depend upon the price they launch the new civic. If the price is very high then it might work in favor of corolla by increasing their sales. Lets see.

  15. Farhan Khan says

    Correct… New Corolla has disappointed beyond imagination

  16. Farhan Khan says

    This time, Honda must bring all top class features in their cars in order to stand a chance against new entrants

  17. SAD KAY says

    cant wait to see this car in karachi 🙂

  18. true caller says

    Edgy and aggressive look 😛 Good luck to all honda fan

  19. Saima Malik says

    Offcourse we wont have those options in Pakistan.

  20. Aqib says

    Starting price will be 23 lacs and will go upto 27 lac…good luck with that…:)

  21. Honda Lover says

    Hence Article is a proof that PAKWHEELS TAKE MONEY FROM COMPANIES AND WRITE BLOGS FOR THEM………………….. How it is possible that Blogger himself was present to spy that car……………….. Well it is paid NEWS BY HONDA ON PAKWHEEL FORUM………………. LOL………….Honda koi small car to la ni ra…. Lagta hai ab khud he koi car company bnani paray gi……………..

  22. Guest says

    We will get turbo because the pic has dual exhausts which only come with the turbo

  23. Guest says

    Non turbo also has a single exhaust

  24. Abdullah Rehan says

    How do you know,?

  25. Nemesis says

    Markx has dual exhaust
    CL9 has dual exhaust

    didnt knew they were turbo tooo 😮

  26. Abdullah Rehan says

    O bhai so what even if it is paid. No body watches tv now, except for those who can’t afford it. If u are not against tvc then u shouldn’t be against this type of advertisement. People like me are always checking blog like this for any new piece of info. It would have been an issue if pak wheels review are bought. Now shut the f up. And user your brain

  27. Abdullah Rehan says

    Yes there is only one in a 20 crore chance thatpw blogger caught this but who gives a dead rats ass. It now we know civic x is coming to pak in june. You stupid piece of shit.

  28. Abdullah Rehan says

    And right now an too sleepy to burn u the way u deserve do ignore the spelling mistakes

  29. deltree says

    The US version with turbo has dual exhausts the non turbo I believe has a single dual tip exhaust in the center. This is what the guy said, now go see for yourself.

  30. deltree says

    I am not saying that the mule has dual exhausts, the US version without turbo has single exhaust and turbo version has dual exhaust. Chances are then this is a turbo!

  31. deltree says

    What new entrants lol?

  32. deltree says

    That could only mean one thing they will be launching both engines, r18 and the turbo. Apparently they think taking a page out of the corolla handbook will also work for them.

  33. Awais Yousaf says

    I am also a blogger for Pakwheels and do let me know of any company who pays for writing articles for them i would definitely love to know that. 🙂 Secondly to those who are saying that its 1/20 crore chance that a Pakwheeler will come across a test mule than let me tell you guys, that 1% chance still is a chance and can happen. All pakwheelers are regular people like you who live a normal life! So no need to make such pathetic comments. Its the news that matters and we are definitely trying to bring something to you guys.

  34. Guest says

    Dual exhaust doesn’t mean a turbo I said dual exhausts because a civic with those means a turbo charged engine because the R18 only comes with a single exhaust and the new 1.5 turbo of the civic comes with a dual exhaust

  35. A. Ibrahim says

    I don’t mean to question your source for the pricing but I’m just curious regarding the price. Is that your own estimate or you had some sold information about the price. I’ve even heard that their Turbo full spec will be around 29 lac.

  36. A. Ibrahim says

    Lol true, I don’t know what’s with the hate among us Pakistanis . We just want to decredit anything with baseless accusations lol. Haters gonna hate, instead of thanking the authors for bringing it to us.

  37. Fazal Wahab says

    Honda lover…. I have the largest number of articles on the new Civic on Pakwheels blogs and on forum. I posted the first real review of the 10th generation Civic as well and a very positive article/ Review. I am a free lancer and dont make any money even for writing a single line.I don’t even live in Pakistan. How come you come to conclusions and making a judgment that PW takes money and write. Please be sensible. By the way PW have been writing for and against many car companies so you think it is done on monetary reasons. This is NO.

    On the side note all well known automotive shows including your favourite Top gear are paid by car companies either in form of commercials or other ways..

  38. Abdullah Rehan says

    Isi liye to pak taraki nae krta . Lol.

  39. Abdullah says

    if they launch it around 20.5 lakhs for the base model……then that would be a SIXER………Honda just an advice for u guys………

    Keep your profit margins low as an introductory price for this car…capture the market…….increase the price after about one year……..

    The reasons for high sales of facelifted Honda City 2014 was the low price as compared to Corolla XLI and GLI……….if the price is kept low then you can definitely give tough time to ALTIS….

    and do keep in MIND that Indus Toyota have just introduced immobilizers and many other features across its cars line up……

  40. Naeem says

    i hope its a CVT transmission and not a PROSMATIC………

  41. Naeem says

    well i went to Honda North, Peshawar yesterday and the guy said that new Honda Civic will launch in a month’s time…….and to my astonishment not a single Honda Civic was displayed in the show room and around 7 Honda City (facelift) model were displayed…….

  42. Abdullah says

    Imma gonna play Tanki X and drive Civic X . Hell yea!!
    And yes I’m a closed beta tester!

  43. umer says

    Waise i doesn’t look like a civic to me.
    Thori ziada video he na laita

  44. umer says


  45. umer says

    It doesn’t*

  46. Usama Azhar says

    i dont think any one from Honda is allowed to move unlaunched car through the road…

  47. Adan Ali says

    Test Mules are used around the world to test a car before public release in accordance to a country’s climate, road conditions etc.

  48. Aqib Gulrez says

    friend that owns honda showroom he has booked it will get it in July he shared that with me.

  49. Fazal Wahab says
  50. Ibrar Tariq says

    hahaha, no matter what honda does, they would never come close to corolla’s suspension. A key factor in pakistan’s automobile industry. Not only so called “paindus” own it but loads of executives own it too. I dont get one thing, why do our pseudo liberals always refer middle class or people from rural areas as “Paindus”. This is disgusting. Buy a honda or a corolla, that is a personal choice. So keep it to yourself and stop calling others as paindus or whatever. so get a life and stick to your choice.
    PS: Toyota corolla is still the number one selling car in the wold, so would you rather call each and every toyota owner as a paindu? I mean gora paindu, japanese paindu, indian paindu etc etc. lol
    get a life

  51. Aarmsn says

    Show us somthing nice dude..
    This is peace of shit

  52. mani9999 says

    as expected. atlas jacked it up and it looks ugly from behind. we can see the petrol tank suspension. Then there are the dual exhausts hanging BELOW the bumper. not integrated into it as like the civic abroad.

  53. Nazar Zaidi says

    Dear brother…..Honda will never able to beat corolla in Pakistan due to road conditions.I have both brands….simply Corolla is for all types of roads and areas while Honda is restricted to carpet roads only.Honda Lovers/users always compete 1.8 Civic with 1.3 XLI and GLI….Now 1.8 Grande has beat Civic….I have beat civic 4 times on Motor way with Altis Grande on 200-220 km/p…Grande has counter all doubts about corolla i.e. road grip and brakes etc.

  54. Nazar Zaidi says

    Be remember….Corolla Altis grande has latest technology i.e. CVTi with auto (7) and manual (6) transmission.One can enjoy both transmission in same car whereas Civic has same old iVTECH with only 5 Prosmatec.

  55. Shafi says

    Honda Civic should be priced keeping in mind the current Corolla Altis 1.6 and 1.8 prices………..faulty pricing would lead to a similar fate for the civic that has been met by Honda HRV in Pakistan

  56. deltree says

    Yes but the corolla will not think twice before toppling over. Serious grip and confidence issues with the corolla .

  57. deltree says

    I know because of the facts I had presented in a comment earlier. Because I call the writer of this article nincompoop for not seeing the obvious they decided to delete my comment. Secondly I urge you to visit the thai honda website, wahan clear nishani hai to tell us that turbo no doubt is confirmed.

  58. Saeed says

    LOL I smell something burning. Well, this is in the context of how Corolla is overall considered in Pakistan ONLY. Everyone knows that most of it’s buyers are from rural areas hence whatever you want to believe, this car is owned by majority of painday and those people own it due to that “resale” thing, if you remove that it’s a overpriced piece of crap which handles so badly once you reach even just 100KM/H. So no, you get a life 😛

  59. Barkan Saeed says

    Booked it for 1 million PKR. Price is 2.7 million for full option. This is unconfirmed booking again by dealer but with guarantee that i will get the car as soon as they get their first batch.. (end of july)

  60. Abdullah says

    I checked it 1.8 E (i think) costs 869000baht ~ 25 lac

  61. deltree says

    That wasn’t my point, my point was we are for sure getting a turbo. If they offer a 1.8 or 2.0 thats something else but the turbo is coming!

  62. Guest says

    Does the shape make any of you remember the 1977-78 B210 Datsun 120Y hatchback?

  63. Guest says

    You can surely find many high class people out in the rural areas.

    However, Corolla is generally bought and used by the people who have “that” behaviour.

    “That” behaviour includes racing the car and abusing it since they have confidence they won’t own it for a long time, using high beams all the time at the expense of others, leave the right indicator on and do not allow you to pass, make careless mistakes under the “kujh nai hunda” mentality, &c. &c.

    There is a stark difference between the road manners of (majority) Corolla drivers and other drivers.

  64. Guest says

    Honda Lover, you really need to go through the pain of formal investigation and court proceedings to realize the meanings of words like proof, evidence, witness, etc. What things can be admissible as proof, what things can be admissible as evidence, what and who can be admissible as witness.

    What you wrote is very comical, as the article doesn’t even favour the product it is talking about.

    OTOH PW can sue you for libel or slander, whichever their lawyer considers suitable. Then you can surely show what you consider as “proof” in front of the Hon. Justice and enjoy your journey through jail & fine.

  65. Guest says

    Launched or not, allowed or not, the car was there, and it had a number plate too. The only other explanation is that it was stolen, complete along with its camouflage.

  66. Saqib says

    Good news guys……went to a Honda Dealer today………he said the new civic bookings would start from
    10 June, 2016…….

  67. Salik says

    Guys i went to Honda Isb, No civic on display…………….its launching in Ramzan or most probably before Eid……

  68. A. I says

    Any idea on the price ?

  69. A. I says

    How much down payment will they be taking for the booking

  70. Naeem says

    Car testing on motorway………lol……28 May, 2016 1102 hours……car tracked thru GPS and Drones….

  71. Abdullah says

    This picture reminds me of road rash. lol…

  72. Abdullah says

    U had me for a moment there u. lol…

  73. Omar Farooq says

    The picture is a fake … see where shadow should have been falling. Good Photoshopping

  74. Muizz says

    fake pic

  75. Muizz says

    in my wishlist waiting it for desperately and saving for it

  76. X Auto says

    This Civic is an acclaimed one, no comparison with HRV or Corolla Altis. If they launch with Turbo 1.5L Earth Dreams, rest will be history !

  77. topgear says

    Honda is giving 1.8 L R18Z aged old engine in Pakistan for new Civic price Rs. 2.7 million. already selling for the last 10 years 1.8 L R18 engine and 5 speed petrol hungry transmission. Sorry folks no 1.5 Turbo as it is costing Rs. 3.1 million.

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