Honda Civic 2021 11th Gen REVEALED in ‘Prototype’ Form

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Whenever there is any news regarding Civic and Corolla, automotive fans are on their toes. Honda Civic; the world wide known name in the compact car segment is currently in 10th generation arrived back in 2015.

Although the newer trend of car buyers towards crossovers and SUV’s is well established, Civic is and was always the flagship model for Honda due to its large global presence, especially in the US where half of the worldwide Civic sales happen.

Since 1973, when Honda introduced Civic for the first time in United States, Honda sold over 12 Million units of Civic in the United States alone. The 10th generation Civic sat a new benchmark in its segment. Current Honda Civic X has a revolutionary design inside and out, and it grabbed a lot of awards globally which includes North American Car of the year award.

Honda Civic 2021 11th GenReveal: 

After for 5 successful years of current 10th generation Civic in production, now its almost time for the replacement. A few weeks ago, first Images from Trade Mark / Patent filing for Honda Civic Hatchback and Civic Sedan got leaked to the public. A camouflaged Civic was also seen multiple times on the roads of Europe under testing. Last week Honda released a teaser clip for the prototype of the upcoming Civic and announced its public debut for today.

Although this reveal is not for the actual production model, but it will give us an extensive idea for the next generation of the Civic.

Features of Honda Civic 2021 11th Gen: 

The 10th generation Civic has a Sportback looking sporty design with the sloped rear glass panel to the edge of the truck, and it was a departure from earlier Civics design language. The 11th generation has now again more of same design strategy but with a raised trunk edge lip giving it a little more dramatic look and if you have keen eyes, you can see an influence of Tesla model 3 in it.

Although the Prototype video clip does not reveal any interior images but Honda released a sketch of the interior, and it’s a complete overhaul and new comparing the 10th generation Civic.


A new infotainment system is on the cards like a new floating type 9″ touch screen display while new horizontal slim front HVAC vents with simple three-knob controls. The sketch also shows a new steering wheel and instrumental cluster as well as new door and window control panels on the driver side door.

Overall the company has followed a very minimalistic design approach. According to Honda, the Civic XI will have an advanced user interface. Also, it has as an improved and enhanced active and passive safety equipment and features. Honda has also improved the overall structural integrity of the frame and chassis with more rigid components and high strength steel.

As of mechanicals, the current engine lineup to continue with some refinement and improvements. The 11th generation Civic will be offered both in sedan and hatchback body styles depending upon market/ regions. Honda will not provide the 2 door coupe for the 11th generation; a two door model was specific to North America. The company recently discontinued it for the current 10th generation.  Its comeback is not expected either.



On front, we also see newer headlights and DRL’s. There is a new upright front grill, and the vehicle looks lower and wider on front. The new model is without” C” shaped taillights. The new model has new design slim LED lights.

There is a new bumper and the elongated slim reflectors on the upper edge. Meanwhile, it also has new blacked-out exhaust outlet in the bumper giving it an overall a premium and sporty look. As of overall outlook, it seems inspired from the current generation Accord like the wider & straight frontal hood line and more pronounced side belt lines and especially” C pillar” and the notch at the corner of the glass.

The manufacturer has also moved side-view mirrors to the door panels. Earlier, it had conventional placement at the corner of door and a pillar junction, i.e., in 10th generation Civic.


Production of Honda Civic 2021 11th Gen: 

The production model is expected to be revealed by April 2021 and initially in the United States and Canada with production in summer of 2021 while sales are starting fall of 2021. European and Asian market will see the model in the flesh in the late 2021 or early 2022.

We here in Pakistan should not expect the 11th generation Civic before the middle of 2022. Henceforth  Civic X in Pakistan still have an expected 18 months of life left.

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