Honda CR-Z – Detailed Specifications & Brochure

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The Honda CR-Z has finally been launched in Pakistan. Detailed specifications of the car can be found below along with the official brochure.



Solid Color (Milano Red):
Manual – Rs. 3,269,000
Automatic – Rs. 3,419,000

Pearl/Metallic Color (Premium Northern Lights Violet Pearl, Premium White Pearl, Polished Metal Metallic)
Manual – Rs. 3,349,000
Automatic – Rs. 3,499,000



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Honda CR-Z Pakistan - Specifications Sheet



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Honda CR-Z Pakistan Brochure

Honda CR-Z Pakistan Brochure

Honda CR-Z Pakistan Brochure

Honda CR-Z Pakistan Brochure

Honda CR-Z Pakistan Brochure

Honda CR-Z Pakistan Brochure

Honda CR-Z Pakistan Brochure

Honda CR-Z Pakistan Brochure

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  1. Nabeel Shk says

    A beautiful car but no practicality. In Pakistan a car without 4 doors is useless. A Semi Hybrid with a big price tag…. They should have launched Civic Hybrid that would have sold like Hot Cakes.

  2. Furqan Ahmad says

    may be for the motor biker alternative

  3. Furqan Ahmad says

    only thing take the first 3 out

  4. Nabeel Shk says

    Furqan Ahmad hahaha… This car that would be a ziadtee… but if this car was around 25 lacks like honda civic it would have sold good …. Even now it will sell and will probably be used by children of Elite Class we can call it as ALTO OF THE ELITE CLASS>….. otherwise i dont see any point buying this car when you have a family … imagine travelling with parents and kids in this car hahah it will be like carrots in a juicer.

  5. Nick Hussain says

    wtffff!!!a big wtf 34 lac shit ass this looks like a better version of alto,hope this car fails

  6. Ahsan Ejaiz says

    high price….
    other thing is low ground clearance.

  7. Kaiser Hyder says

    Extremely high price, with less practical being a family car + road conditions will kill the overall expected market of the car…………

  8. Sumurai Clicker says

    IF YOU LIKE THEN MUST click on right side Advertise. Many thanks for your co-operation.

  9. Muhammad Khyzar says

    r u insane 3.4 million for this shoe shaped car

  10. Badar Shehzad Sheikh says

    Its a great car no doubt but its on average about 1 million more expensive than the grey imports, which means they'll bring the same sort of sales figures as the local terios kids or the newly launched prius, in simple words, its an idiotic idea to launch these hybrids for such high prices

  11. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    Honda Insight would have been a better option than this crappy looking thing. One could buy a really decent prius in this price and it'd be faster, practical, bigger and more beautiful(back of prius is more symmetrical than cr-z's which looks like crap).

  12. Aman Durrani says

    price is too high…….it should be round about 20 lack than i think its fine but 3.4 is too much money for this piece of shit

  13. Nauman Maqsood says

    Good luck ….interior/exterior o.k but its not her mkt, wrong pricing.

  14. Engr Assad Ali Khan says

    OMG…………..3.4 Million is toooooooooooooooo much for this Prostitute………………

  15. Muhammad Ejaz Mian says

    pakistan is the best market for such car manufacturers, as there is a gap in very high price cars (Pak Rs 8.00 million) and cars valuing 2.5 million. But the only constrant in buying such an expensive car is its entering facility which is limited to only Two doors. But no problem its not a big issue, class exist here in who dont care for the Value for price they are getting. They just want to be different and would jump in no matters pond has water enough or not…..

  16. Muhammad Ejaz Mian says

    I appreciate the Marketer of this car who used the Marketing tool (Marketing skimming prices) very nicely. I hope the prices would be lower by the company in later days to compete. Since only hyprid car used in Pakistan is Toyota brand, opportunity exists for Honda .

  17. Muhammad Ejaz Mian says

    and for those who percieve it a family car, huh come on, its sports car and is meant for different class not for family car, and featured with two doors.

  18. Asjad Chaudhry says

    wot beauty piece of cake.. this car is dam hot piece for me and my girl .. !! im so gonna buy it.. is there some small sunroof in it as well ?? … so that I cud put out my hot chiks from it while driving on to pir suhawa Islamabad the hill beauty :)… !!

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