Honda Updates their Website to Show 2016 Civic’s Pricing!

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On Wednesday, Atlas Honda sent an official notification to dealerships nationwide. The letter contained updated booking guidelines and pricing for 2016 Civic which we reported yesterday. By then, it wasn’t sure on whether Honda Atlas will release the tentative pricing to public.

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Pricing and details for 2016 Honda Civic

Now we know as Honda has updated their website with a pop-up containing the tentative pricing. Moreover, the pop-up also contains a note stating that now bookings would be made on a 50% down payment which means now 1.8-liter Oriel will be booked for PKR 1.25 million while the 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo can be reserved for PKR 1.5 million both increased from the previous partial payment of PKR 1 million.

Honda's website updated to show Civic 2016's updated pricing
Honda’s website updated to show Civic 2016’s updated pricing
Official Letter containing Booking Guidelines and Tentative Pricing
Official Letter containing Booking Guidelines and Tentative Pricing
Price/Spec sheet released by Honda City Sales Lahore
Price/Spec sheet released by Honda City Sales Lahore


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  1. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    delivery time of Turbo is already ‘getting’ longer? wtf does that mean? and while it is understood that Turbo needs superior fuel, we might need to wait till petrol stations all over the country have upgraded their fuel otherwise it is not possible for the Civic 1.5 to be an instant hit

  2. MySchizoBuddy says

    Dont Total pumps already have Hi Octane.

  3. Guest says

    Fuel guideline honda nay abh release kee hain pichlay week already 70% orders Turbo variant kay thay because you know Pakistani Awaam

  4. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    yaar har jagah har shehr me to available nahi na easily..

  5. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    kichray wala petrol dalenge phir maza aega inko TURBO chalanay ka

  6. Kashif Akbar says

    i am fond of honda, but i do feel, high price of civicX, turbo engine management and superior fuel requirements will all lead to give more strength to corolla. honda civic has now moved upward to stay with bmw, mercedez pricing and leave the level playing field dominated by corolla.

  7. Heartyboy says

    AT such high prices!
    RIP atlas honda

  8. Ali says

    Simply stupid pricing by Honda Atlas…..are they drunk or what……Corolla will continue to rule and Atlas guys will feel the pinch once the initial fever and hype is over……..Kuch auqaat main rehna chahiye … they think they have become a German brand……Atlas guys are trying to kill the hen instead of collecting the golden eggs……shortsightedness at its best !

  9. says

    Honda is Honda. .. Pakistani people have a lot of potential to buy these cars , . . Honda is the name of property. Honda is extreme comfort. Honda is Honda…… Toyota Corolla is least comfortable and Hard car. …Honda is soft and cute….Honda is Honda… Honda is more than reliability. .. Those who can’t buy civic will definitely speak negative .. Jinhon nay honda leni ha wo pakwheels per a kar comment ni kartay.. yeh to hamaray tumharay jaisay logon k kaam….. Ameeer saith aur un k bachay to comments section ko daiktay bhi nahi…. Raja , Chaudhry , Kochawaaan etc jaisay seth logon k liay banni ha honda company. …. YEH WATAN HAMAAARA HAI…. . TUM HO KHAAAMKHAEAH ISS MEIN….. jao ja k naya Pakistan bnao aur siasat daano ki jootian saaf karo…..

  10. Guest says

    Plus the Audi has smaller engines, which means lower tax each year.

  11. Asim Durrani says

    Sorry mates….price too high…..workmanship/teething problems would be there initially….wait period 04 months with 50% down payment…..Spending 30 lakhs “NO WAY.”…..would prefer 07-08 Merc over it……all those spending and blocking there hard earned money RIP

  12. Muhammad Yasir says

    aww .. HELL NO !

  13. Prado says

    honda Civic RS 1.5 turbo is AED 96,000 which about RS 3M… they are pricing it quite well considering UAE has 5% tax and Pakistan 17%.. not sure why people think it is over priced?

  14. Aaqil Khattak says

    Boss its not 3M its 2.8M also the features outside Pakistan not available in PAK. Plus with old engine for non turbo..

  15. prado says

    Err… no Pak Honda they are offering the 1.5L turbo for 2.9M… yes some features are not there.

    But the point is it isnt as over priced as people think. Perhaps bcos our economy is weak people think this is expensive. From an international point of view civic prices are ok.

  16. XeonFX says

    Aglay chand saloun mein civic 5 Million yani 50 lac aur mehran 1.5M to 2M ki ho jaye gi. Roti 20 to 30 Rs ki ho jaye gi lekin Pakistan mein kam say kam salary 14 say 16 ho jaye gi, jo sirf papers mein hai milti ghareeb ko 6 say 10 hazar hi hai.

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