Honda Vezel: A Potential Competitor To Toyota Prius In Pakistan

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Vroom and all I could see were some beautiful lights going far away until I discovered it was Honda Vezel. Over the past two months, sales of this elegant crossover has been increasing and a huge number of Honda Vezel are being imported to Pakistan.

The vehicle was unveiled in the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, and went on sale on December of that year, in Japan. Since it was new, Pakistani local market didn’t show much in importing it. It was the start of this year when Honda Vezel started to show up in our local markets.

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They come in mainly two power trains and, gasoline and hybrid electric vehicles. The ones seen here are the Hybrid ones. The Hybrid version Vezel is granted a sport hybrid i-DCD system with 1.5 liter direct injection engine giving a plenty of speed to the vehicle. The fuel economy according to some of the owners is around 21-24km/l which is good enough; in fact, very good.

If you look at its interior I must say it is one of the best interiors you can have in Pakistan. The combination of black and brownish orange truly sets it different.

With the introduction of this vehicle, sales of Prius are expected to go down due to many reasons such as better road clearance, which is one of the major issue. With a 1500cc hybrid engine, the import duties are also less.

Till now most of the Vezel fall between the price tag of 3 to 3.5 million. Let us know what you think about them in the comment section below.

Vezel 1

Vezel 3

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  1. Rosh says

    enthusiasts will buy those but wont beat prius. one reason, its a 2 door one. and its atleast 0.8 million more in price than normally a prius cost.

  2. RAYYAN says

    Rosh what sort of an idiot are you…its a 4 door clearly…if u knew anything about cars an it is exactly as expensive as a prius of the same model…….

  3. omer says

    ALHAMDULILLAH i own one and its the best car so far with every option u ask for in this price..

  4. Muneeb Shahid says

    Rayyan Rosh na aj tak mirror handle wali 4 door nai dekhi …. hahaha… 😀

  5. Raza Khan says

    you just went full retard, never go full retard

  6. RAYYAN says

    Nissan Pathfinder started the trend…ye to RX8 ko bhi 2 door hi kahain ge…kyun ke uska rear door handle drwaze k andar hota hai………

  7. Usman Burki says

    won’t beat prius plus prius is cheaper than this almost a million cheaper :p

  8. Fahad says

    4 doors

  9. Osama Waheed says

    U can buy 2015 zero meter Vezel in 3.4m rupees and prius 2015 zero meter price is 4.8m rupees. And its a complete 5 seater car with four doors.

  10. Usman Burki says

    i got a three year old prius and it feels and drive just as a brand new car ! so no need for a brand new car just to pay extra…

  11. RAYYAN says

    Right…Prius by Indus and Crz by Atlas are flops just because of the price… a million cheaper and they will sell….

  12. RAYYAN says

    Yaar aap comments prha kro….it is a 4 door….look up ur info before commenting….

  13. RAYYAN says

    Sorry…I hope he looks back to this discussion @Rosh

  14. muizz says

    I prefer vezel over prius in many aspects, e.g its SUV type body 1.5 l to save annual taxes and more sophisticated features than prius

  15. Tahir Usman says

    Still expensive

  16. Usman says

    Prius is best selling car in the world. Vezel is under power with questionable hybrid tech and it is wrong to say it does sth like 21 km/l. I have driven both. Prius is miles better. We get Vezel here because it is not selling well anywhere else.

  17. Arsal says

    Those days are over bro, the way Prius lost its market price anyone can tell that. Also Vezel is being import so it is coming on demand not by someone else’s choice.

  18. [email protected] says

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  19. [email protected] says

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