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Today we will share the tips about how you can improve your driving skills. These tips will help you in driving safely, be cautious on the road and ways to drive in different circumstances.

These tips will help you become a good driver while following the traffic rules and ensuring a safe journey. By following these tips, you can help in reducing road accidents.

 Brakes Usage: 

Be very cautious while applying the brakes at slippery places on the road, i.e., zebra crossings, entry/exit of underpasses, and bus stops. These spots can cause slipping of your car. You can counter this issue by applying brakes before reaching such places.

In ABS brakes, your brake pedal will vibrate, but the steering will remain in your control, while downshifting system and the brake pedal must be used in ABS-less cars to reduce speed in an emergency.

Driving Skills in Fog: 

The fog causes a very difficult and hard driving experience.  While traveling in such a situation, switch-on your headlights on low beam and use fog lights to make your visibility on the way.

Road Surface and Car Tyres:

During driving, make sure to keep all four tyres on similar surface on the road because two different surfaces will damage your tyres and can cause an accident. For example, if two tyres are slippery side and the other two are on the rough side of the road, your car can slip very easily.

Furthermore, always drive your car in a higher gear on a slippery road.

Driving Skills and Safe Distance: 

Maintain a safe distance while driving on any road. You should be able to see the tyres of the car in front of you as it is a safe distance on the road.

Moreover,  keep your eye on the road and other vehicles around you, so that you can tackle any emergency easily.

Emergency Numbers: 

Always keep the contact numbers of highway police, rescue authorities while traveling. These numbers prove very handy in emergencies.

Use of Apps: 

You can use different latest mobile Apps to keep a maintenance record of your car. These Apps will remind you when some repair or maintenance is needed, keeping your vehicle healthy.

How to Control Car Drifting: 

This tip is crucial for your safety. There are three types of drifts:

  • In Sliding, your car’s front excel will remain stable, while the rear side will slide and the car could go out of control 
  • In Drifting, your car’s rear side remains stable, while front wheels start to slide, becoming out of control 

In Full Destabilization, your car’s all four wheels go out of control, and car starts to spin uncontrollably.   If you face such a situation, never apply the brake or move steering right or left. If your vehicle is rear-wheel, turn your steering in the direction, the car is spinning. Meanwhile, if you have a front-wheel car, press acceleration lightly and control the vehicle with steering, or else, the car will start spinning in the opposite direction.

Driving in Winters: 

While driving on snowy roads in winters, always apply brakes on low speed to check whether the road is slippery or not. Use this method when there are no other vehicles around you.

Furthermore, in winters drive at half speed, compared to speed in Summer season, i.e., if you drive at 60km/hour in Summers, drive at 30km/hour in winters, especially on turns. 

Road Edges, Potholes: 

Try to avoid potholes and edge of the roads because they can easily damage your tyres.

Final Verdict: 

We hope that these tips will help you driving safely while keeping your car in good shape and improve your driving skills.

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