How to Improve Car AC Cooling – Here is what you need to know

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In this blistering heat, one cannot survive travel without a properly functioning air conditioner. Here is some necessary information to help you increase the efficiency and productivity of your car’s ac. 

There are five main parts in a car’s ac: Ac compressor, reservoir dryer, vibrator, condenser and expansion valve. 

There is a fan in the car. For the AC to work the fan must be working. As soon as the AC is switched on, the fan will start working. The fan takes the air from the condenser and throws it inside the car. The better the fan works, the more air will flow into the vehicle, which means that the air inside the condenser will cool more. 

Some cars have more than one fan. However, in locally manufactured cars, there is usually only one fan. 

Perhaps the most important component is the condenser. The condenser must be clean. Usually mud, dirt, dust, and debris “choke” the condenser. The tiny narrow tubes of the condenser are blocked, reducing the condensers productivity. 

Tip: Whenever you get your vehicle washed, ask your serviceman also to clean the condenser. Hitting the condenser with high-pressure water will make the condenser clean, and improve the vehicle’s cooling as well. 

Another car component, crucial to the workings of an AC is the fan belt, also known as the AC belt. If the belt is damaged, worn out or about to break, the chances are that the belt will start skipping the condenser, which means that proper pressure will not be created. This will be detrimental to the working of the AC. 

Cars also have Ac filters, often referred to as cabin filter. The cabin filter can be found inside the dashboard, near the vibrator, and is equipped with air ducts. The air that comes into the vehicle comes in through these filters.  It is essential for the filter to be clean. If it is not clean, there will be blockages which will hinder the airflow. 

After every 10,000 kilometers or every alternate oil change, it is advised that you get your cabin filter cleaned adequately. Every 30,000 kilometer get the filter replaced to keep the AC working smoothly. 

AC gas is also known as refrigerant. 95% vehicles have a sticker on the bonnet or the radiator course board. The sticker has information on what kind of AC gas is used, and how much. This is essential information. 

If you want the AC gas refilled or get a top-up, make sure it is of the same type of gas. If there is a difference in the gas type, and these end up mixing, it will completely ruin the AC system. 

Don’t go for cheap AC gases, to save a few bucks. There is a difference in the quality of cheap gases, and the system can get damaged if you compromise on quality. 

To address a common misconception, fuel efficiency is not affected by turning the AC dial from 1 to 3 immediately. That is the blower’s speed. As soon as the compressor turns on the car will start consuming more fuel irrespective of the blower speed. 

Some vehicles have the option of climate control, where users can set the temperature at a certain level. The compressor automatically stops working at the set temperature. Unfortunately, in a normal car, the only way to control temperature is to do it manually.

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