IMC suspends two dealerships and fines one

In the recent turn of events, it is reported that Toyota Indus Motor Company has suspended the registration of two of its dealers and has fined one dealer with PKR 2 million. They have been suspended and fined for selling cars under the unfavourable ON money dealing.

According to our sources, Toyota IMC has suspended the registration of Toyota HN Motors and Toyota Sargodha Motors and has fined Toyota Garden Motors with PKR 2 million.

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Upon reaching out to the official sources, our team was unable to get a word from Toyota Sargodha Motors; however, the officials of Toyota HN Motors spoke to on the matter and verified the news of being suspended from the dealership list of Toyota IMC due to ON money scheme.

They added that their dealership license got suspended back in November 2017 for two months and IMC still hasn’t permitted Toyota HN Motors to book cars from them. Moreover, they also told that due to this suspension they are unable to cater to the needs of their customers, which is affecting their business.

“We are receiving a lot of orders from our esteemed customers, but we are in peril due to not booking and getting cars from Toyota.” – Toyota HN Motors.

On the other hand, Toyota Garden Motors has completely denied the accuracy of this news of being charged with PKR 2 million for fake bookings.

We also reached out to Toyota Indus Motors in this regard and will update the story as soon as IMC gives their verdict on the news.

To curb the menace of ON money from the automobile industry, Toyota IMC cancelled about 1300 bookings upon verifying the Provisional Booking Orders last year in November. However, the company has refunded PKR 600 million to those who booked the car.

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  1. Excellent news . This time my altis car was booked with breeze .delivery date is may

  2. roboxx says:

    It's a good news indeed. But they give car delivery date of 6-7 months which also is not good. Bhai itni dair me duniya kahan se kahan pohunch jati hai, aadmi ki priorities change honay lagti hain itnay time period me. Companies should consider this fact too.

  3. Han ab hilay hain ye sub ^&^%$%^&& jb Hyundai waghera anay walay hain aur competition sakht honay wala hai pehlay juu ni reengti thi in k saron py haramkhor IMC haramkhor Honda bc

  4. toyota is under hammering pressure as the competition ahead will tear their sales apart, because hyundai and kia might not launch any product to compete against suzuki but honda and toyota, man this is so refreshing that finally toyota and honda will be considered as bullshit, take my promise, i will do my best to convince people to opt for other than japanese trio.

  5. biloo says:

    Don't be too sure about Korean manufacturers mate. I have used Hyundai sonata abroad and Hyundai santro here in Pakistan plus friends and relatives had different Korean cars as well such as Sportage and pride. After driving these cars and with good experience about their shortcomings i would never call Japanese auto manufacturers as bullshit. Japanese cars imported from Japan are an example. Korean manufacturers would just provide our Auto sector with a healthy competition which in turn will put pressure on atlas and Indus to make better cars with better features on par with international standards.

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