The King Of Electric Cars In Pakistan?

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Could Tesla, the best of the best cars in the world, ever come to Pakistan? Our reflex to this question is ‘Nope, not in this century’. Recently, we saw a tweet from the owner of MG Pakistan, Javed Afridi, and now we can’t help but daydream about Tesla in Pakistan. 

Afridi’s all-caps three-word tweet has got many Pakistanis excited. Sure, some are raising questions to MG Pakistan’s potential of carrying out this operation. But most are saying hell yes! 

Tesla, A Real Beauty! 

Tesla cars rule the hearts of all car enthusiasts. If you are a true car lover, you know exactly what we are talking about. An all-electric powertrain, autopilot drive, 17-inch touchscreen, automatic door handles, glass roof, ridiculously good acceleration and performance, the car is the one to dream of. 

Pakistan has seen only a handful of imported Teslas. The count of lucky Pakistanis who own this beauty only goes as high as a 10. If Afridi and MG Pakistan pull this thing off, more Pakistanis will be fortunate to live their dream of driving a Tesla. 

The Bottom Line

Currently, there are only two electric vehicles (EVs) in Pakistan, Audi e-tron and BMW i3. More are making their way to the Pakistani EV segment under the recently approved EV policy for 4-wheelers. MG Pakistan is already bringing the MG ZS EV in the country. Hinting at another EV, and that too the Tesla, is a cheeky move by Javed Afridi. 

Honestly, the chances of Tesla coming to Pakistan are not very bright but, even so, it’s a delightful thought. Are you a Tesla lover? If yes, how would you like this beauty in Pakistan? What do you think of MG Motors and Javed Afridi having something to do with it? Let us know in the comments. 


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