Beware! Islamabad Police is in action against tinted glass users

Islamabad Traffic Police has started taking action against the tinted glass users; anyone found using tinted glass in their cars will be fined and strictly dealt with. As per the traffic police, criminals are using tinted glass and illegal number plate to hide their identity and to commit crimes, so acting upon the situation is the need of the hour.

The Islamabad Traffic Police have been directed to take stern actions against whoever is using unlawfully procured revolving lights, sirens, tinted glasses and illegal number plates. Anyone found using these things on their vehicles will face the consequences.

Islamabad Traffic Police

The authority in its Facebook post asserted,

“Crackdown against tinted glasses has been started and Islamabad Traffic Police is taking serious action against the violators. It has been observed that suspected criminals now hide under the cover of tinted glasses and illegal number plates to commit the crime. Citizens are therefore advised to immediately dismantle/remove from their vehicles, all unlawfully procured revolving lights, sirens, tinted glasses and illegal number plates to avoid any inconvenience. Islamabad Traffic Police officers have been directed to ensure strict enforcement of the law without any discrimination.”

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Previously, the District Magistrate of Islamabad has suspended all the permits for using tinted glass.


Moving onwards, people have criticised this action that why it is only for the common people, all the government officials and other powerful people are freely using tinted glass in the city, and no one stops them to charge them according to the law. However, the Islamabad Traffic Police has said that no one is above the law and action will be taken without any discrimination.

Moreover, while talking about the tinted glass on imported vehicles, the traffic police said that they could not ban imported cars on roads and tinted glasses are installed there by default, which cannot be removed. They check such cars manually on check posts for security threats.

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Notable Replies

  1. TM says:

    Very good comments about the tinted glasses... but the authorities should also take action against the illegal 'strobes lights - the fake police vehicle lights', which are now days very commonly used by ' VIP wanna be' :wink:

  2. aa78 says:

    With extremely hot day time temperatures and effects of sun's radiated UV light on skin, tints should not be banned. Instead, they should be regulated through permits (if necessary).

    Further, for the purpose of security checks, such vehicles may be stopped and manually checked on check-posts where first class officer/magistrate is present.

    Also, use of blinding roof-top lights and blaring sirens by all government vehicles (traffic/motorway police/army) must also be fully regulated to prevent creating nuisance for drivers plying vehicles on roads.

    As is usual, government Baboos (baboons) rarely know what they are ordering and its repercussions. There is nothing preventing government tinted and siren vehicles from being used for illicit activities (Re: allowing transport of weapons to Lal Masjid terrorists by Ijaz-ul-Haq IIRC). They should formulate proper long term policies rather than knee-jerk responses. It is imperative to keep it in mind but to look at all policies issues from non-security state lens to ease the daily travel suffering of the ruled.

  3. Indeed a very good initiative by the concerned authorities, however, it must be regulated! as how to beat scorching heat of the sun and its UV rays?

    Similarly, family persons use blinds from privacy point of view. This thing must also be taken care of.

  4. These authorities just bug the general public.
    I have a plethora of pictures of government vehicles using tinted glasses, even those who are enforcing this stupid law in the first place.
    People shouldn’t go over the top either, 25% tints are good enough to keep the cabin cool in this blazing weather and it doesn’t block the view from outside as well.
    Oh and another thing worthy of mentioning here is that our police is itself involved in various crimes in the city so they don’t have any moral authority to stop us in the first place.

  5. i disagree with this because Pakistan customs is clearing vehicles with private(tinted) glasses and if they are allowed then tinted papers should also be allowed.

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