Islamabad initiates road safety awareness campaign for motorcyclists

Recently, a Road Safety Campaign was initiated in Islamabad, where traffic police personnel were made in charge with an aim to educate the motorcyclists and pedestrians regarding the traffic rules.

Speaking about this initiative, Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) – Malik Matloob informed that this campaign was inaugurated by IG Islamabad Dr Sultan Azam Temuri, and is going to be a week-long road safety awareness campaign, which will be carried in Islamabad.

Moreover, he also mentioned that the reason to initiate this campaign is to educate the motorcyclists to abide by the traffic rules and wear helmets to prevent any misfortune. He said around 99% of the bikers, in road accidents, die due to not wearing a helmet.

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He further said that, “Negligence, reckless driving and speeding, unfamiliarity with rules, mechanical failures on major thoroughfares, defective traffic engineering, bad road conditions, inadequate pedestrian facilities, encroachments, lengthy court proceedings and a slow response to the emergency are the reasons that lead to accidents. So, to resolve the issue, the traffic department decided to take measures to bring some improvements on the road.”

In the end, Mr. Malik Matloob said that he is all supportive of the initiative and is completely devoted to his responsibilities as a senior and also requested to people to abide by the traffic rules.

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  1. Can somebody explain to me that how does "lengthy court proceedings and slow response to emergency situations" are the reasons that lead to accidents?

  2. i think that's not only the solution i request to all please make a separate roads for motorcyclist specially on islamabad highway because everyday a lot of people face accident cases of motorcycle and also make pedestrian walking area make bridges on all stops because there is a lot of hustle bustle and a lot of accidents daily so please i request do measures like these thanks

  3. Very nicely written article

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