Islamabad Traffic Police soon to introduce e-ticket system

In the quest to be digitally active, the Islamabad Traffic Police has decided to issue e-tickets to motorcyclists who violate traffic rules. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the National Bank of Pakistan and the Police at Inspectors General’s office yesterday January 8′ 2018. The new Challan system will enable traffic wardens to issue tickets using smartphones.

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Furthermore, the frenetic task of paying the fine will also become a lot easier for the commuters who get fined by the traffic police, they can quickly pay at any telecom outlets in twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, without standing in long queues.

The paperless tickets will be sent via SMS along with an electronic receipt. According to Islamabad Traffic Police, they have opted this new digital mechanism to ensure transparency in the ticketing system and collection mechanism. It would inevitably make the lives of hundreds of commuters in the city easier and hassle-free.

Officials have said that the issuing of e-ticket to the offender would be done in real-time, saving the time of both the traffic warden and the reprobate.

IG Police Sultan Azam said:

“In our Safe City initiatives, we shall strive to make extensive use of digital facilities. The initiative [e-ticket] is designed to facilitate not only our traffic officials but also the general public.”

IGP Islamabad Dr Sultan Azam Temuri speaking about the latest digital facility in the state capital

IGP Islamabad Dr Sultan Azam Temuri speaking about the latest digital facility in the state capital

Moreover, the Islamabad Traffic Police official also said that this is one of the many digital facilities the police is introducing in the capital. As of now, the traffic police officers are being trained by the National Bank of Pakistan to use this new system.

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