ITP issues over 60 thousand tickets worth Rs.1.9 million in Jan 19

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Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has issued as many as 64,835 tickets thus generating revenue of PKR 1.9 million during January 2019.

According to the stats shared in a document by Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), 64,835 tickets were issued on the basis of various traffic violations by the commuters. In order to protect the environment from air pollution, 9918 smoke-emitting vehicles were issued fines during the 1st month of 2019. For violating the red signal on several intersections, 8953 vehicles were fined by the traffic police. As many as 10,172 vehicles were issued tickets for violating the traffic rules and regulations. On account of misbehavior with other commuters, 4105 drivers were fined in the federal capital. A total of 6840 motorists were ticketed for infringing the right of way to other commuters.

The traffic police of the federal capital are also keen to reduce the noise pollution owing to which they have issued tickets to 2933 commuters for un-necessary use of pressure horns. The lane violation and carrying passengers in a dangerous position resulted in 2969 and 2576 challans respectively. On the use of defective lights, 2522 vehicles were fined by the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) hence generating a hefty amount of Rs.1.9 million for the national exchequer.

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While discussing the issues faced by ITP, SSP (Police) Farrukh Rasheed told that the department has already deployed various squads for law enforcement. The traffic police are also conducting several awareness campaigns to educate the citizens to abide by the traffic rules and regulations. He expressed his disappointment over the apparent lack of response from the Capital Development Authority (CDA) over several issues regarding the placement of traffic signs on the roads. According to him, more than 2000 letters have already been written by ITP to the above-mentioned authority. He highlighted that good communication between the two departments alone would lead to a permanent solution to the prevailing issues.

On this occasion, he highlighted that complete road furniture is necessary to ensure traffic rules enforcement. Currently, the primary hurdle in the implementation of the law is the missing warning signs on the road. It restricts the traffic wardens from issuing fines to the violators because no warning signs are displayed for the commuters. In this case, any motorist can challenge the violation, significantly reducing traffic police efficiency.

Currently, only 40% of traffic signals are in good working condition in the federal capital out of total 83 installed on different roads. The residents of Islamabad also expressed their concerns over the prevailing traffic situation in the federal capital. The residents were of the view that the poor condition of the roads at several points could lead to serious accidents and the traffic signals shall be rectified or replaced as soon as possible to ensure an orderly flow of traffic. Furthermore, they raised a demand for providing two separate lanes for the motorbikes to reduce the congestion on the roads.

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