Japan Donates Toyota Prius Cars To Pakistan National Highways & Motorway Police


It has come to our knowledge that Government of Japan is donating Toyota Prius to Pakistan’s National Highways & Motorway Police (NH&MP). There was news circulating about the news on social media, but after inquiring about the confirmation, one of our sources told us that he has actually seen the potential police cars in Islamabad.

The exact number of cars is not yet confirmed, but the reported number is between 130 to 135 cars. The cars will be divided between National Highways & Motorway Police, and other governmental ministries. Cars will be imported by Toyota Indus Motors and will be brand new. Current National Highway and Motorway patrolling cars include Toyota Corolla and Toyota Prado. Toyota Hiace has also been under use for various purposes.

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Considering the lower fuel costs of running these cars, it could be a good decision to shift to hybrid cars. It will lessen the dent on pockets of tax payers. But argument on the other side is that repairing costs of these cars will relatively higher than your normal Toyota Corolla patrolling car. And its a possibility that these new hybrid patrolling cars might end up being more expensive in the longer run than the Corolla. For now, we can’t exactly predict how this decision is going to impact Pakistan exchequer.

Also it is unclear whether these new cars will be added to the current car pool, or will be replacing the older patrolling cars.

The donation is in bid to support hybrid car industry and import in Pakistan. Toyota Prius is already a house-hold name across Pakistan. We will keep our readers up to date as soon as we hear anything new regarding this news. Thanks to All New Toyota Corolla 2014 Facebook page for the photos.

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  • Skt_Z4

    Nice Share Mr.Aref! (Y)

  • Usman

    We’re already bored of seeing these on roads! Why not donate something lookin good!

  • Guest

    The battery and A/C may become cheaper in the scrap market.
    XLi compressor definitely became cheaper when Corolla was given to police. Taking about normal police not NH&MP, because in the article it is written that they would be shared between many many agencies and ministries.

  • Japanese Govt wants to push hybrid technology into Pakistan as is evident from this photo. It is a small investment with huge returns. Toyota dealerships will also get expertise to maintain and repair hybrid cars.

  • Ghayyour

    or perhaps to eliminate their dead stocks. New Prius is on its way!
    Introduction of Japanese Advanced Products and Systems to Motorway Police who does not even know a cent about technology!

  • Ghayyour