Karachi Police Clamping Down Fancy NCP Rides

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To all those driving NCP rides, BEWARE!

Seems like the custom officials are short of sports cars for their kids and with the help of Police, they’re going to impound these vehicles. Jokes apart, a very good action is taken by Sindh Police especially in Clifton and Defence areas of Karachi.

I have been noticing since past three days that police officers are stopping sports car and checking for their papers and other related documents. Why is that so? Why just sports cars?

Okay, so previously everyone had a mindset that sports car is driven by monstrous rich and powerful people but with the availability of cars like Mazda Rx 8 in PKR 0.8 million, the myth finally erased from a lot of minds. Also it is true that many luxury cars and SUVs are driven by people on roads without their custom duty paid. Driven by people, we’re surely following the same track.

I was crossing Boat Basin where a Police had their check point where an MR 2 and RX 8 were stopped whereas a line of cars were getting their dark tints as well.

I remember police previously didn’t even come close to heavy bikes and sports car as they knew a three day suspension is ready for them, if they even dared thinking about doing so. But now with the help of local area SHOs and SSP South, these NCP vehicles are being stopped for proper accountability.

What are your thoughts on this and what do you think about NCP cars in general? Don’t forget you express your opinions in the comments section below.


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  1. Muzamil Ali says

    I’ve owned quite a few NCPs in the past, They’re considered to be a cheap alternative to PKDM vehicles, Why would a sane person buy a Mehran if he could buy a JDM AE101 corolla? I bought one for 280k and sold it for 325k after using it for 6 months. Then I bought a Toyota surf 2001 for 420k paid an additional duty of 300k in 2008 amnesty and sold it for 1250k. The last one I bought was a 1999 VX LC, it costed me 2575k along with the duties and penalties during the 2013 amnesty and was sold for 3.2million in sep 14. They’re totally worth it from the business point of view, but keeping in mind the Law and order situation, it is a potential to our nation’s securities because such vehicles are used by insurgents in Balouchistan to carry weapons without being tracked in case of seizure, apart from that, many drug paddlers and bootleggers use such vehicles for their business and being caught with such a vehicle is also a big khwaari specially if one is travelling with family onboard. IMO no one should indulge in buy or selling such a vehicle, as above anyother thing they’re illegal according to law.

  2. Waqas says

    Most of vehicles impounded in Pakistan gets used by police or other govt people. And many of them lose their parts. Once your vheicles in police’s hands. Forget it in real condition.

  3. Rahatullah Mallick says

    In a country where the entire tax generation is done from 15-18% of the population, the least police can do is discourage NCP cars. NCP cars in the long run point to a national attitude of tax evasion which more or less is a macho dream in Pakistan. Taxes should be fair and the current auto taxation policy is another topic for another day but while this tax structure persists, I think it is the duty of everybody to pay taxes. Commendable action by KHI police.

  4. Rahatullah Mallick says

    Now, if all goes well these cars will be auctioned and we all know what that means 😛

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