KIA official website shows 4 cars likely to be launched in Pakistan

After the change in Auto Policy in 2016, various international manufacturers were keen to invest in the automotive industry of Pakistan. Greenfield status was given to multiple manufacturers, KIA being one of them. While there is still no major news from automakers other than Hyundai with the groundbreaking ceremony of their assembly plant and Dewan Motors launching the Daehan Shehzore, there are rumours that KIA motors will unveil Kia Sportage in the coming month. Bear in mind these are just rumours, and there is no hint of that actually happening, at least for now.

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In Pakistan, KIA Motors has partnered with Lucky Cement Company, and an agreement was signed for the manufacture of the passenger as well as commercial vehicles. The official website of KIA Motors Pakistan is now live and has also been linked to the international website which was previously just an empty webpage. On the website, you are greeted with a welcome that says

“Hello Pakistan! The Power to Surprise”.

The main page currently shows four vehicles, three passengers and one commercial:

There is no confirmation of which car will be launched by KIA Motors, but only these four are displayed on the main page so there is a quite high chance that these four cars will be the first ones to be launched. Brochures have also been attached detailing the specifications of the vehicles, but are international ones so we may not get those engine option or feature options mentioned in the brochure. KIA has also posted a small note saying that actual specifications may vary according to region so the brochure can only give us a rough idea about the car.

kia k2700

Stay tuned to for more updates.

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  1. we failed KIA and Hyundai before, hope this does not happen again.

    i remember back in the days we bought brand new KIA CLASSIC sedan.

    everyone in pakistan still ran to Toyota and Suzuki to buy their cars with their hard earned money leaving KIA and Hyundai with not enough sales.

  2. aref says:

    Proud Kia Spectra owner here.
    Bought in 2003 and still going strong. :muscle:

  3. I remember leaving KIA classic and buying Santro more than 10 years ago. Sold Santro few years back not because I was fed up but coz I wanted to buy a bigger car. I am grateful to Hyandai for that superb car which incidentally was my first brand new car.

  4. Customers never "fail" companies but its the other way round. It is KIA's job to produce cars that people actually like and also to market them to attract customers. Besides, KIA or Hyundai did not have much stake the last time. It was basically DFML that invested in the assembly line while KIA/Hyundai only gave license to assemble their cars with lots of imported material.

    No effort was made for localization nor did they have a long-term strategy. They just sold cars while the duty reduction lasted and then packed up and went home. No efforts were made on their part to invest heavily in Pakistan in manufacturing, localization, marketing, establishing wide dealership, training, etc. They day their tariff waiver finished, they just left leaving their customers to eat the dust. Even this time around, if they do not invest in localization, marketing, and introducing the right models, they may end up the same way.

    While Pakistani auto sector is growing rapidly, I do not think there is enough room for KIA and Renault and Hyundai and FAW and Ssangyong and Dongfeng and Master Motors and others to survive concurrently. Some of them will survive but others are sure to die out soon. The one who plans for survival past the grace period of duties reduction is most likely to survive.

  5. Pakistani car market would have been way better today if everything wasn't nationalised and destroyed in 70's, after that every investor remained reluctant to invest in the country and those who invested got full hold of the market i.e Suzuki and later Toyota and Honda. Now it's really difficult for a new investor to beat that 20-30 years of market footprint. IMO if new investors move steadily like FAW is doing they still have a chance for tapping the Market. I really like FAW's approach, they first secured the commercial truck market and are now quite dominant there, used that revenue to invest in Light commercial vehicle assembly facility where only competition was decade old Suzuki Ravi & Bolan and then after careful monitoring of market response started local assembly of V2. Another important point here's that they didn't do sudden heavy investments that they may regret, currently their passenger car & lcv combined assembly capacity is near only 10k units annually which they're running fully now for single shift. Gradually if demand grows they can add shifts, it's slow careful treading but it makes sense.

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    Lets kick some japani ass.

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  • Amin Lakhani

    kia and Hyundia are two successful companies in world because they made good products and priced them very handsomely. i hope they will apply the same policies for Pakistani market and will give good product to Pakistani people, and not like other companies who are just robbing our hard earned money from us.