KIA-Lucky Motors signs agreement with Ministry of Industries and Production

We have been reporting since the beginning of this year that Korean automaker KIA will launch new vehicles in the country. Its vehicles had also been spotted on roads few times, which gave more boost to the notion that company sooner or later would launch its vehicles in Pakistan. However, many rumors were also circulating that KIA might not come to the country, but all the fuss and rumors have now been shattered as company’s collaborator Lucky Motors has inked a deal with Ministry of Industries and Production.

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According to the details, KIA-Lucky Motors has signed an agreement with Ministry of Industries and Production for the production, assembling of passenger and light commercial vehicles under new auto policy 2016-21. The company will be investing a hefty sum of $115 million for the assembling of an automobile plant in Karachi, Pakistan.

It is expected that the company will launch below-mentioned cars in the country:

It would be worth mentioning here that the new auto policy for the year 2016-21 is now bearing fruits which is indeed good for local automobile industry and consumers. Not only KIA Lucky Motors, but Hyundai Nishat Motors has also signed a deal with the government a few days back to launch Hyundai Motors in the country. Moreover, Hyundai Nishat Motors will also be inaugurating its production plant in Faisalabad today (20-DEC-2017).

Aside from Korean automakers, French automotive giant Renault is also all set to launch its vehicles in Pakistan with its collaborator Al-Futtaim, which will be responsible for the assembling, production, and selling of Renault vehicles in the country.

With huge space for new automakers and rising demand for vehicles, the new entrants will surely diversify the local market, which will also push existing local automakers to introduce modern vehicles.

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  • abcd

    Saw a kia rio test car in karachi two days ago with its logo covered. Looked good. Lets see how long before we have vehicles available for sale.

  • Anwaar Malik

    No manufacturing plants 😐