Lahore to get a dedicated parking plaza for bikes

Metro cities such as Lahore has many burning issues, one of them being lack of parking facilities. The city is crawling with bikes and cars with no real place to park. Due to which people park their vehicles on the roadside which is resulting in traffic jams on roads. So to curb this problem, a parking plaza has been approved by the Punjab Government.

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According to the details available to us, the new motorcycle parking plaza will be built on Hall Road to cater the needs of the people visiting the area and to increase the traffic flow on surrounding roads. It is to be noted here that people who live in Lahore know how much it is difficult to drive through Hall Road due to heavy traffic. So the news is promising for the people of Lahore.

The Metropolitan Corporation Lahore will build this plaza with a cost of around Rs.600 million. The project was initially proposed by City District Government Lahore back in 2012 but was not approved for some unknown reasons.

It is pertinent to mention here that the government is planning to build more plazas in the city to curb its parking problem, which would lead to fewer traffic jams on roads.

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The motorcycle parking plaza would be able to cater 4,000 bikes at one time. Moreover, the government is also aiming to filter out illegal parking stands on Hall road by introducing this plaza.

Moving onward, Punjab Government has not only approved the parking plaza in Lahore but has also decided to build a new parking plaza in Rawalpindi, another big city of Punjab. The new parking building will be constructed at Municipal Corporation’s old building. This will be the second plaza in the town; previously government has built parking plaza at Fawara Chowk (Raja Bazar).

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