MOMO Tires come to Pakistan

MOMO is a historical automotive company for over 50 years, thanks to the strong passion for motorsport and the intuition of Giampiero Moretti, a gentleman driver who became its founder.

MOMO’s philosophy has always been focused on delivering a superior product by combining safety and performance with optimum handicraft level and innovative designs. With the new tires, production started in the 2012 MOMO offers an innovative variety of high-performance tires, designed and produced with the utmost advanced technologies.

In fact, MOMO Tires is now present in over 50 countries around the world with local distributors.

Since 2016, MOMO Tires is represented in the Pakistan market by ZUFTRADE. For now, only passenger vehicle tires are available in following trims:

  1. Outrun M1
  2. Outrun M2
  3. Outrun M3

The whole project is managed from Italy, where the tires are designed and engineered. Logistic, administration, and marketing teams are also based in Italy, and all the primary operations are run through MOMO Headquarters in Florence. The other involved countries are Spain with the IDIADA Applus+ Test Center, Germany for the TUV certification, Finland for the software and computer simulation and Holland for the RDW certification. The production now is divided between Europe and Asia.

To achieve such a good result in just a few years, MOMO Tires supported all the distributors with the requested commercial certification documents.

MOMO Tires offers more than 390 sizes with 12 different patterns. The Italian brand works in many sectors to provide its customers the possibility of choosing from a diversified catalog. MOMO Tires cover summer, winter, run flats and up this year also the all season segment.

MOMO has developed and engineered their tires using silica in the material, which reduces the rolling resistance of a tire. Reduced rolling resistance means the engine will use less power to keep the vehicle in motion. And less engine load mean less fuel consumption. These are considered green tires for their
ability to save fuel due to their advanced engineering.

With the launch of new tire portfolio, MOMO is hoping to achieve the same success and popularity the company has achieved with its other automotive products. It’s challenging for MOMO Tires to mark its presence among international tire brands available in Pakistan with a higher brand image, loyalty and competitive edge. MOMO Tires are currently available in Karachi, at the authorized retail outlet, spreading its sales span nationwide soon.

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My name is M. Ali Laghari and I love to read and write about Cars.

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  1. Seems to be a good tyre....who are the authentic dealers in Karachi.....and how is the performance.....any recommendations?..

  2. Hello,
    Contact Zuftrade directly on 021 34320492 and they will be able to locate a dealer near you. Atleast thats what I did

  3. Hi All,

    I have been searching for the good tyres and momo appeared in search, I would like to ask if any one bought these tyres and hows the experience?

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