Lexus Is Developing A Crossover Version Of Its Lexus CT200H Hatchback

Well, one thing is for sure, crossovers are in demand now. Some of you might hate them for their bizarre shape or design, but there are many who love them. The Nissan Qashqai or Juke are not the best looking vehicles, but they were sold in record numbers in the United Kingdom. Also, your very own Honda HR-V also falls into the same category. It is considered as a mini SUV or a crossover. The increasing import of Honda Vezel made Honda Atlas to invest and bring its closest relative they could find, in the closest price range they could manage. Although many have argued that Honda should have focused on a small car like Honda Fit /Jazz rather than on a car whose better version is already available in the market frequently.

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This gradual interest in crossover vehicles is making automakers rethink their strategies, on nationwide and international levels. Latest news is that even Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota Motors, is about to jump on the crossover bandwagon. The Lexus CT200H hatchback by Lexus has been far more successful in European countries than in the North American market. Lexus believes, it is due to the smaller hatchback style of this hybrid car. According to a Japanese automotive portal, Lexus is going to make the vehicle longer, wider and taller. It seems like the new baby hybrid is about to get an X treatment. The bigger cars like RX and NX might be the inspiration for the new version of the car.

China and North America are the largest auto markets, and all auto makers make it their priority to cater these market in the best possible way. And since both countries love their crossovers, SUVs and other raised cars, one can’t blame Lexus for trying the same. Besides, the CT hybrid was launched back in 2011 and in the last couple of years, the sales have fallen steadily even after the facelift.

This supposedly CT crossover will be ready by 2018, and it would be interesting to see if Lexus keeps the car just in North American market or will it be launched in Japan as well.

CT Hybrid Crossover

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