Cars locally made in Pakistan are among the cheapest: Munir Bana

In an interesting turn of events Loads Limited CEO, Munir Karim Bana has asserted that prices of locally assembled cars are among the lowest globally, the statement is quite astonishing as recently the local car manufacturers have soared the rates of their vehicles.

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While giving an interview to BR, Mr. Munir told that the cars are only manufactured in 35 countries world-over, and after comparing the price of locally made vehicles to other countries purely in terms of Dollars and excluding all other taxes, the car made indigenously was cheapest. He further elaborated that car makers in Pakistan pay high taxes and most of the money coming from car sale goes to pay the taxes imposed by the government, while our rupee is also getting devalued against Dollar.

The local auto industry has achieved a localization of up to 70 percent, which is indeed great, and this was all made possible due to the incentives in duties by the government in the auto policy. Localisation undoubtedly saves foreign exchange and promote industrialization, he added.

There is a dire need to increase the volume of cars Pakistani automaker produce annually, to acquire much higher localization as it will lower the prices of vehicles in the country further, said the CEO, Loads Limited.

It would be worth mentioning here that Loads Limited is establishing its new plant in Bin Qasim Industrial Park, Karachi to manufacture alloy wheels in Pakistan. This would be the first of its kind venture in the country.

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  1. Meri taraf se is kae face per 3 jootae . Tarakh tarakh munir

  2. From my side " JAAANGLION WAALII LAAAAAIKH LANAT :hand_splayed: :hand_splayed: :hand_splayed:

  3. centos says:

    Bhaio post perho, he is talking about production cost not the retail price. Article mentions the production cost is not much and retail price would lower if the taxes weren't so high.

    5-6 lacs go in taxes when you buy a honda city.

  4. Skt_Z4 says:

    Hmm! Yea! Car makers are quite innocent :baby: diaper babies :angel: with pacifiers, what they've to do with the PRICE HiKES & Cheap Built Quality!!!

  5. what the hell he said???? his name must be munir banana, he forgot the only thing cheap here is air, the car available as cheap here still includes leaf spring suspensions and no safety standards, includes an interior made by a hardware store, and best of all it looks like a superior variant of rickshaw; by the way it is not cheap as well, how could you forget that what is made here does not include any safety features or any features at all to talk about,, i mean seriously this guy is out of his mind, how can he forget that when automanufacturers were forced to include immobilizers they went to the court against it, matlab kamal hai??? 90% of the cars does not include air bags and basic features here and he is saying they are cheapest, the companies are making money by cutting the corners and providing cardboard quality vehicles why wouldnt they be cheap to manufacture???

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