Looking For The Best Rear Tire For Honda CG125

This blog is for all the Honda CG 125 owners. A friend of mine bought a second hand Honda 125 month ago. The bike is in good condition, considering its 2009 model. The bike still has its original tires. The front tire is in okay condition, but rear tire however, needs to be replaced immediately.

I was about to make a thread about it but then thought why not ask this in a blog. This way it will reach more people and those who are looking for a tire for their bike can simply read it and quickly find the answer.

Now about the current tire, its from Servis and its size is 3.00-17. Its a nylon belted tire, as it say on the sidewall. During riding the bike myself, I feel the grip at the rear is very less. The tire skids when I downshift to lower gear and release the clutch. It definitely needs to be changed.

The question is, which replacement tire to go for. There are currently three motorcycle tire makers manufacturing tires locally, that I know of. Those are:

  1. Servis
  2. Panther
  3. General Tyres

First of all, I did a little research on the internet about the options from General Tyres.

General Tyres


I found a tire named “Black Cobra 125 CC”. It’s a directional pattern tire. Ply rating is 6 and load range is C.

  • Overall diameter: 598 mm
  • Overall width: 76 mm

Personally I liked this tire.

Servis Tyres

Servis Vigo

In Servis, I found their ‘Vigo” tire interesting. It comes in both 3.00-17R and 2.50-17R size. My friend of course needs a 3.00 size tire. Its overall width is 77 mm, and it is also a 6 ply tire. And their web site mentions that it’s a street tire.

Panther Tyres

In Panther, we found two options that we liked:

  1. Panther Express
  2. Panther Rear

Both are found in different sizes, but we of course are only looking for 3.00-17R. Both options come in 6 ply. We couldn’t find information regarding width of the tire though.

Panther Express Panther Rear

These are the options we have, now the question is, what do you guys, who have been riding bikes for long period of time suggest? There are options of imported Thai or Malaysian tires, but we are not sure about them.

We would love to know what you guys suggest, so please leave a suggestion in the comments section below. I am attaching the photos of the current tire as well.

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  • Umar Pal

    Frankly speaking there is not much difference in performance of these tyres besides their physical design and thier specs are identical too. Choose the one which is the most competitive in price.

  • Exactly. Just don’t go for the knobbly ones which are for dirt tracks and give a bouncy ride on roads.

  • Aref Ali

    Hey thanks for your input. Will keep that in mind.

  • TheMan

    Servis tyre is always best for road grip, no matter wet or dry, smooth or rough…

  • azhariq

    I was recently in the market to purchase rear tyre for my suzuki raidet 2.75-18 and I was suggested by more than 2 to get ghauri tyre. Any idea about ghauri tyres and its performance?

  • No idea, bro. Frankly most are the same build wise so go for what’s competitive in price and forget what the dealers say – they’re usually trying to promote whatever they’re selling.


    Can we fit (install) the 125 bikes rear (back) tyre in 70?
    Just to look cool!
    Plz reply

  • khawar

    what was your conclusion ?

  • Bitter_truth

    Don’t go for ghauri tyres they will get hard after 5-6 months and your bike will skid. I have bad experience with Ghauri.

  • can’t afford a good camera