Watch A Lamborghini Catch Fire On Its Own In Dubai

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Supercars catching fire isn’t anything new, especially to Lamborghini. When the Gallardo first launched nearly a decade ago multiple examples caught on fire even when they were parked and a recall had to be issued by Lamborghini to fix the potential fire hazard that plagued over 1500 Gallardos. After that debacle Lamborghini had to recall another couple thousand Murciélago models over a possible fuel leak hazard. Now years later in 2015 and it seems that Lamborghini still hasn’t been completely able to eradicate the problem as it still occasionally pops up in one of their later models. This time around the tragic victim was a Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 Anniversario roadster that’s had been made to look like an SV roadster.

A lady had rented the Aventador and was driving in the streets of Dubai along with a Ferrari 458 Spyder. While being stationary in a traffic jam the driver decided to show off the Aventador’s monstrous 720 bhp 6.5 liter V12 by revving it to the max and that’s when the car caught on fire near the engine bay. The driver was completely unaware that her rental was on fire despite the fact that people around her kept honking their horns and screaming “FIRE!”, she continued to rev the Aventadors engine as the flames grew bigger.

Eventually while traveling across a bridge the driver figured out that the car was on fire. She stopped the car in the middle of the road and fled to safety. By that time it was too late to save the supercar.

A photo posted by @victoria.vikki on

A photo posted by @victoria.vikki on

Story: Jalopnik

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  1. Alpha says

    As expected, after reading this review the writer seems to be a nerdy kid who sits a home playing video games and in reality drive their parents alto and mehran like BMW and Ferrari and yet they come up with concluding reviews against Cars which they drive in their video games. Looks to me that Pakwheels Blog is a big joke. May be these writers should first do research on the stuff which matters them most as shown in below pictures

  2. Ali Ahmed says

    Wow! Just wow! Is that jealousy?

    I mean what the hell do you want from him? I can’t help to notice that you’ve been commenting useless crap on his articles! And LOL, you call this a review? Do you know what a review is Alpha??

    I mean come on, you really think this is a review?

  3. Waleed Ahmed says

    App tu uskay Bhai ho, Aap nay nay tu Acha he Bolna Meri Jaan! 😛 Chahay wo Jo MArzi kray! hehe!!

  4. Waleed Ahmed says

    I Being an active Super user, even saw many articles here of the writers of whom I never saw in the Discussion forums as popular or famous for their knowledge, the main big thing of the Pakwheels from which it rose an d made credibility.

    So why you expect more? 😀

  5. Ali Ahmed says

    lol, aap ko kis na kaha mein uss ka bhai hon? LOL, aap bohut funny ho yar. Khud hi rishtey bna kr beth jatey ho.

  6. Hassaan Ahmed says

    Your criticism literally has no merit. You just say its horrible, but you don’t exactly say whats wrong it. Why don’t you do it if its so easy rather than just commenting useless gibberish.

  7. Khurram says

    Very scary to see the flames just leaping out of the back of car. Why did it happen any way?

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