Maruti Suzuki To Give Complete Overhaul To Their Swift Range

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Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest car manufacturer has decided to give their aging best sellers the Suzuki Swift and the Swift Dzire a much needed upgrade. The new generation of the Swift and Dzire will feature completely new exterior styling along with a new range of engines which is rumored to include Suzuki’s own 1.5 liter diesel engine along with the existing 1.3 liter diesel engine coupled together with Suzuki’s SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle System) technology which should greatly help increasing fuel economy. Along with the Swift and the Dzire the Swift Ertiga will also receive a mid life face-lift with new engine options as well.

“These new generation models are developed keeping in mind the new regulations (crash, safety, emission norms) planned by the Indian government. The vehicles will get much lighter under the new architecture, thereby helping the company further improve fuel efficiency and will get an attractive design then before, which many consider will help Maruti Suzuki to further strengthen its position and share of the market,” said one of the people involved in development.

Suzuki has had such great success in its range of Swift cars that its Dzire sells approximately 17,000 to 18,000 units per month more than all the cars combined in same segment. According to senior analyst Gaurav Vangaal at IHS Automotive, since all three models are the best selling cars in there segment, it is an old strategy in order to continue momentum in growth with new projects. And who knows when the new models are eventually unveiled sometime in late 2017 to early 2018, we might see them introduced here in Pakistan as well.

Swift Dzire
2015 Suzuki Swift Dzire

Source: Economic Times

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  1. Atif says

    Hi Hassan,

    Please as with your previous articles kindly research further before making
    assumptions like this will happen in Pakistan. These assumptions lead to rumors
    and create misconceptions amongst pakwheels members.

    Paksuzuki does not plan to replace or even upgrade the swift
    here anytime soon. Cultus is still here since 2000. Mehran is here since 1980s.

    We do not live in India where government has a progressive automotive policy
    and there is competition. Situation here is very different. Pakistani
    government does not enforce any modern quality, safety or emission standard. Government
    has already withdrawn the proposal of mandatory “model change” after 10 years
    in the country to favor Paksuzuki at the cost of consumers. This shows their
    intention of not making any investment in country or modernizing their decades
    old vehicles.

    Most of your articles sound like a wish list and are utopian. I mean no offense but please research properly before posting articles.

    best regards

  2. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    khasiani billi khamba nochay..

  3. Hassaan Ahmed says

    I get all that and I truly do understand your point of view but change is still possible. With companies like Nissan planning to enter our market soon. Other car manufacturers will have no choice but to evolve with the times because of the competition that these manufacturers will bring.

  4. rkk says

    umm true. theres always hope though.

  5. Take THAT says

    hahaha….you call that an upgrade…here is news for you…

    … Paksuzuki is thinking of completely revamping, upgrading and modifying the current Suzuki Swift. The change will make it sportier to drive and yet improve its fuel efficiency IMMENSELY. Not only that you may get three new variants as well. Price may go up about 40-50k but you will have the most modern variants of the Swift yet. To do this they will change the dimensions of the back “Swift” logo by improving the font.

    There you go…TOP THAT!!! Silly people improving external looks and engines…

  6. Alpha says

    Hey Hassan,

    You say that Suzuki New version is likely to launch in 2017 to 18 in India, although we will give a crap to expect something like this happening in India, can you give me reference of this launch date. Cause it seems that you are just some nerdy punk sitting all day in front of laptop and making random guesses

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