Mission No More Car Snatching Launched In Punjab

After the rapid increase of car snatching & stealing incidents in Punjab, Excise Department of the province and Punjab police has found out a perfect solution to it.
Punjab Police will compile the data of all the snatched or stolen cars and will provide the access of that data to the excise department.
According to the Police, the data of 37,000 snatched or stolen cars is already available online. Previously, the excise department already had the data of 8,000 stolen cars and motor bikes.
According to the excise department as soon as the car is been snatched, the FIR would be registered and then immediately the car would be blocked from the system and then when anybody would come with papers for authority transfer he would be identified at the spot.
This Seems to be a good step by Excise and Police Department for clean sweeping of car snatchers in Punjab.

Notable Replies

  1. A friend of mine found a noble idea to count sheep. First he counts their legs and then he will divide them by 2. Same is done by the police. Why don't they destroy the gangs who do these crime. Why to wait for a person to come for transfer. A person who would buy stolen car why he would go to Excise Office .

  2. You are assuming people will actually transfer the vehicle.

    Assuming it does not go to Afghanistan etc., there are places in Pakistan where driving without papers is not an issue.

    Even in places like lahore,,karachi etc people drive NCP cars or even cars with no number plates or wrong number plates. A lot of them are government and police officials too.

    There is also a good chance that the car will be sold for parts.

  3. What about when the engine & chassis numbers are tampered with and the cars are re-registered with tempered numbers?... and of course E&T officials connive with them!

  4. I believe 90% of the cars get dismantled and their spare parts are sold in Scrap market. so what will they be doing for that

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