These Are The Most Played Songs On Radio In Pakistan!


Listening to music is a must when on the road. Now, days of sticking with an out-dated playlist on the move are over!! because we will be coming up with weekly and monthly top charts for both Hollywood and Bollywood songs.

How do we rank?

We rank songs on our top charts by analyzing weekly and monthly rankings released by most reputable FM networks of Pakistan along with ratings from international streaming services. So that you get a thorough yet concise overview of what’s generating the highest buzz in the music industry.


bollywood top ten rankings Hollywood top ten rankings

Adan Ali

Adan is a Tribe Leader at Drive Tribe, who writes to share his passion for cars, culture and gadgetry through words. So far his writings and contributions have been able to make their way to media outlets like PakWheels and Dawn. Reach out to him by tweeting @adanali12

  • Fazal Wahab

    Strange no Pakistani songs.. or people don’t really listen to it at all ?

  • Adnan Khan

    My Every Day top 3
    1- Vital signs, Nusrat Fateh , Junnon
    2- GnR, Ac/Dc Metallica
    3- Coldplay , Van Halen , System Of a DOwn.

  • Tanweer

    This is just sad. Is this what this blog has come to? Selling songs to get clicks? Just pathetic.

  • waqas

    Pak Wheel or Song Wheel ???

  • Haris Ali

    It’s an ugly truth that our media rarely promotes our own (Pakistani) MUSIC