Three New Car Makers Given Permission To Establish Plants In Pakistan

The Government has granted permission to three new companies to set up car assembly and manufacturing  plants in Pakistan. The Ministry of Industry and Production allowed United Motors Private Limited, Kia-Lucky Motors Pakistan Limited and Nishat Group for assembling and manufacturing of vehicles under the Green field investment category, Quoted  khizar Hayat Gondal , Federal Secretary for Ministry of Industries and Production.

The companies with the collaboration of their partners will invest 372 million US dollars in the automotive industry of Pakistan. Kia Lucky will be investing 190 million US dollars, Nishat Group 164 million US dollars and united motors will invest 18.1 million US dollars.

All three companies would be bound to sign agreements with Ministry of Industries and Production to adhere to  compliance guidelines of the Automotive Development Policy 2016-2021.

Entry of the new  players in the automotive industry in Pakistan is  welcomed by the market analysts and consumers. According to the experts these new players will help in breaking  the monopoly of the Japanese dominated cars in the market as a healthy competition is expected after their arrival.

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  1. 2 number Garia banae gi .teenoe pmln ke Khas donors ha . If govt is really sincere it should had allowed Renault Audi Mercedes . Jo bhi company Pakistani company ke sath mil kar cheeze banae gi woh Indus aur atlas ki tarha ghatiya quality ki ho gi .you can take example from Yamaha Pakistan which changed landscape of motorcycles in Pakistan with Yamaha ybr .

  2. Great initiative by the Govt. We need more of these monopoly breaking policies here.

  3. Dream on.

    useless news - its a large political show for you. Every year or so some newspiece pipes up with the exact same words.

    Look around yourself, you have a dead economy, useless workforce and extremely unreliable necessities that are required to run a factory. Which brand in their right minds would invest in such a muddy soup?

    The local little microscopic manual assembly lines cannot even fulfil local microscopic requirements Furthermore not even one part is exported from Pakistan for these brands, even after decades of being in pk while you see lots of made in Thailand parts being sold - not too different in age of investment either.

    its literally a joke.

  4. There is a little hope
    Pakistan is exporting Sazgar Three Wheels Rikshaw to Japan, so are not dead ..

  5. Pakistan is also exporting shan masala to other countries, doesnt mean you have a supreme level money exchange going on.

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