How often people buy a new bike?

The easiest, hassle-free and cheap way to commute in the country is to travel on a bike. Last year almost 1.7 million new bikes were sold by the local manufacturers, which are evident enough that the bike market is thriving. in 2017 conducted an auto survey to see how the car and bike users/owners behave towards a certain brand or products and also to see their preferences.

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There is a perception that people buy bikes and often forget to change it or buy a new one for a long time. So, to see the actual reality, in its survey included the following question.

  • When are you thinking of buying a new bike?

It is to be noted here that 55% of the respondents (bike users/owners) said that they are planning to buy a brand new bike within the next two years. The complete survey is as below:


Moreover, the 82% of the respondents said that they would spend less than PKR 100,000 on purchasing a bike.



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A total of 19,155 responses were recorded from all over the country. This survey covers the public’s spending habits, driving behaviour, expectations and routine practices in the automobile sector in Pakistan.

Here’s the complete survey

The bike market in the country is indeed booming and recently launched bikes such as GR 150YBR 125G and GSX R-600, which will indeed diversify the local market even further.

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Notable Replies

  1. Yeh pata nahi pakwheels walae kis khali makhlooq se survey karwatae ha .mujh se to aaj tak aik sawal bhi nahi poocha .

  2. My uncle bought his Honda 70 in 1977 & sold it in 2007. I guess he belongs in the minority :smile:

  3. its interesting survey however there are still several things missing. There are still so many questions which needed to be answered such as
    we should ask people
    what kind of bikes they actually like to have? Are they not already tired of having choices between 70cc and 125cc which are almost obsolete around the world and mostly considered baby bikes? Why we dont demand technological advanced motorbikes such as with ABS brakes which is mandatory already in Europe and India? why we dont demand to mainstream brands to manufacture better bikes locally to have better price and least issues of service and parts? Why our mainstream brands bring us always rejected or crap models? Why we cannot produce locally atleast from 150cc-300cc engines so that most of us can afford quality bikes? Why same brands offering much much better bikes within reachable prices to rest of world but us? Why Pakistan cannot produce a single bike which can proudly be presented in international market? Why we always like to import bikes assemble them and throw into local market? On one side there is huge unemployment and on the other hand we dont like to produce anything locally because we dont want to generate jobs, does not make sense to me. examples are lets get Benelli into Pakistan or lets just get Derbi into Pakistan but only mode of entry is via import. To explain my point, suppose we produce locally 150cc-400cc bikes with key features such as liquid cool engine, fuel injection, ABS with collaboration of international brands. Don't you think we will be getting same international quality bikes from 100k-300k. I bet the entire lower and upper middle class will be your consumer and you can imagine how big this market is. cheers!

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