Oil tanker owners go on a countrywide strike!

The tussle between Pakistan State Oil (PSO) and tanker associations is not new. For the past one or two years, both the parties are fighting. And now in a fresh spat, after the failed dialogue between PSO and tanker associations, Oil Tanker Cartridge Association (OTCA) and All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association have stopped providing services to PSO.

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A meeting was held between PSO and the two leading oil tanker associations, Oil Tanker Cartridge Association and All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association in an aim to discuss the new standards set by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for upgradation of tankers/fleet. It would be wise to mention here that OGRA set new fitness regulation for tankers after the tragic incident of Ahmedpur Sharqia where 200 people died after trying to collect oil from an overturned oil tanker.

While talking to media, a spokesperson of PSO said that demands which oil tanker associations are asking to be fulfilled are unlawful and against the national interest of the country. The spokesperson said that they are asking us to revoke the license of NLC, which is absurd. A total of 8000 Lorries PSO use to distribute oil throughout the country out of which 200 are provided by NLC and all the other by private tanker associations, he further added.

All Pakistan (Ittefaq) Oil Tankers Owners Association

The spokesperson also asserted that NLC Lorries are in compline with all the standards set by OGRA and other authorities, while on the other hand private tanker associations do not adhere to the fitness regulation set by the concerned authorities. Moreover, we have also tried to convince oil tanker associations to sit with us and make a feasible time frame for the upgradation of their fleet; however, they are not listening to us at all and are stuck on one demand, and that is revoke the license of NLC, he further elaborated.

Tanker Associations have halted services for PSO but will continue to give services to all other Oil companies.

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Notable Replies

  1. mehran says:

    Pakistan Railways desperately needs to be woken up and start their cargo and tanker services. That's the only way we can get rid of trucks and traffic jams and strikes caused by them.

  2. That is a very good suggestion.doosra Bhai ji mehran ko chor kar ab apna username bmw ya audi ya mercedes karae .

  3. Another graceless and disgusting attempt to create trouble for a profit making government owned entity, shame on tanker owners for doing unconditional business with yahoodi companies thereby helping to increase their profits and increase operational losses of a Pakistani company, it shows clearly what you goons are going to do when Imam Mahdi comes.
    Yet, we wonder why our government is inclined towards Yahoodi's at the expense of Muslims, of-course they are our brothers and like you want to earn easy and higher amount of money. SHAME ON US ALL.

  4. if you think our problems lies with trading with yahoodis . Then you have a mental problem , we should start looking at ourselves Muslims .if yahoodis were not sincere in trading then nobody would had done trading with them .the problem lies with our own minds and mentality .

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