Pak Suzuki adds new colours to their cars

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So, it feels like Pak Suzuki is trying to reinvent itself. They have only recently launched a new range of bikes and vehicles, and now they are adding more colours to their otherwise mundane looking vehicles. Only a couple of months ago, there was a news of this blue Mehran, and now the company has introduced this new green colour for its people carrier and the loader.

The new green will be available in Suzuki Ravi and Suzuki Bolan only. It kind of looks like the previous Punjab Apna Rozgar Scheme vehicles, where the Government of Punjab provided subsidy on Ravi and Bolan. But that was darker, like the colour of the floor in the photo, whereas this new colour is kind of slightly brighter sage green (or Verde Ithaca).

new suzuki bolan ravi colour
We do not know if this colour is also for some particular scheme or client, or just a new colour. But it looks like the guy who suggested both the blue and this green colour is taking all his inspirations from the Mystery Machine. Anyway, this is pretty much it. Happy motoring!

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  1. Guest says

    Ain’t nothing wrong likin’ Scooby Doo, ya hear me?!

  2. MohammadSaadUmar says

    So, they are bringing back the colour of 80’s (i.e. Green Colour). Well not bad as this colour was already available in the late 80’s and early 90’s Bolan. Mehran Blue is a different matter.

  3. Junaid says

    The Blue colour is not that bad, however, the green one is a tad bad taste as per my opinion.

  4. salman ali says

    Yar green colour is the best , liking green and white is Sunnah bros , please DNT abuse green clour
    Jazak ALLAH swt

  5. FuriousNinja says


  6. Guest says

    Letting people have choices and preferences is also according to sunnah, or not?

  7. Guest says

    Mehran on rails.
    Bolan on rails.

    What has the world come to!

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