Pakistanis imported 65,723 used cars in 2017

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According to the data, last year Pakistanis imported 65,723 units of cars and minivans, which is 70 percent increase in import if we compare the import figure of 2017 and 2016. Moreover, imported SUVs and Pickups also saw 59 percent and 9 percent increase in 2017, which is astonishing.

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Due to lack of production of cars in the country by local automakers, consumers in large numbers import cars from Japan and other countries. And the data released by the auto industry recently showed the same trend of people importing cars in large numbers.

Toyota Vitz was the most popular import car of 2017, as many as 8,680 units shipped to Pakistan. Additionally, the figures of other cars imported by consumers are as follow:

The volume of imported used vehicle surged to 65 percent, as reported by Dawn. A total of 76,635 units were shipped in 2017. However, it is also reported that due to excessive import local automobile industry saw a revenue loss of PKR 23bn last year. The government of Pakistan in October last year issued SRO 1067(1)/2017 to strengthened import policies, making the car import difficult. As per authorities, they issued the SRO to curb trade deficit of the country. Only time will tell how much government has succeeded in curtailing the import of cars.

It is pertinent to mention here that the data of each imported vehicle, new or old is maintained in the Import General Manifest (IGM)—in simple terms each and every imported car coming from any country is logged in the custom’s IGM.

Lastly, Honda Pakistan also posted their net profit for 9 months of 2017 (April-Dec). And according to the company, it gained a net profit of Rs 5.12 billion.

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  1. farok sayer says

    u are saying that the local auto industry saw a revenue loss of PKR 22 billion last year .ARE U DREAMING?? or are u living in pk? if the import is stopped people will have to wait for two years to get a car and pay 500,000 on top of the price of a car as own? ok ? the three robber companies are looting the people and blackmarketing their cars and the governent is sleeping as usual.

  2. TiredOfThisShit says

    23 billion loss? One can only loose something when one has possession of it.

    The Japanese mafia does not own the marketplace, neither is it guaranteed that buyers of imported used cars which are having better quality and features than local cars would have opted to buy local cars. These people could have just bought cars from the local used car (PKDM/JDM) market to save cost which would still not add to the revenue of the Japanese mafia except future parts sales for maintenance.

  3. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    Ban all the imports and the demand will make the companies make better cars in pakistan, its not a joke, nations decide what is better for them, buying expensive used cars is no way a solution, people should fight for their right, so be quick, fight for your right and snatch whats yours from the mean companies

  4. mohsin malik says

    Very interesting article, however I am surprised to read “loss of 23 Billion to automobile industry”?.
    1-Suzuki+Honda & Toyota are not fulfilling the demand, due to which customer has to wait for 6months or pay own money for ready delivery.
    2-Had they been making excessive cars and were unable to sell them then this loss would be justified.
    3-Used cars are also contributing extensively to the ex-chequer.

    Lastly, the article states that Honda made profit of 5.12BRs in 9 months. OMG.

    Still they want import of used cars stopped. Hahahah

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