Oil tankers association to go on country-wide strike

In a fresh development, one of the Oil Tanker Associations namely All Pakistan Oil Tankers Association (APOTA) has announced to go on country-wide strike from 21 October 2018, till indefinite time.

As per the details, the owners of tankers while speaking to the media said that the government has failed to address their concerns and no facilities have been provided to them at the terminals. Moreover, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) is giving the contract for the supply of oil in the whole country to its favorite companies, they further asserted.

It is to be noted here that before calling for the strike, the associations gave ten days to the government to address their concerns; however, it failed to address the concerns of the associations. It is being reported that if the association goes on strike then the supply of petrol and diesel will be disrupted and fuel will become scarce in Pakistan.

Aside from APOTA, some of the others oil tanker associations are not supporting the strike called by the authority and has decided to give oil supply without any pause.

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The government has also hinted of bumping the rate of oil products in the country in the coming days, Finance Minister, Asad Umar, made very clear that due to hike in the prices of petroleum products globally the government might surge the prices of fuel as well.

Current oil rates are as follow:

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Notable Replies

  1. capsat says:

    The MAFIA called Tanker's association is trying to black mail the OIL Companies & the Government. Under sponsorship by Moulana Diesel

    OGRA has clearly defined terms of fuel transportation, bye-laws for contractors. few points i will share which can give you all an insight why the unrest among the mafia. The law was promulgated in 2009, but was shelved due to Moulana Diesel please download & read., 22 pages and it sure is worth your time.

    ....last point being

    37 Calibration and Testing
    (1) Each compartment shall be calibrated to the liquid full condition, and to the
    ullage marker, dipstick or other contents measurement. The Manual of
    Petroleum Measurement Standard API-2554 Calibration for Tank Cars shall
    be applicable.
    (2) In the case of Bottom Loading Systems, the ullage space between the point at
    which the overfill protection probe is triggered by overfilled product, and the
    mounting pad for the conventional vapour vent valve shall also be calibrated
    and shall be a minimum of 150 litres.
    (3) Complete tank and individual compartments thereof shall be pressure tested
    to 350 mbar at new build, and shall be periodically retested at regular intervals
    (not exceeding 12 months) to 200 mbar. Tank must be visually inspected for
    leakage during testing, and deflections of compartment dividers must be
    measured during testing

    plus the health certification & medical tests of drivers doing the shift duty over fuel bowsers...

    am sure Govt will now bow down to such mafia but will surely allow extension for compliance.

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