Letter related to Pak Armed Forces regarding provision of cars is fake: Minister

For the past many days, a confidential letter related to Pak Armed Forces has been circulating on social sites, which states that the authority is getting 2550 staff cars from Honda Pakistan.

After much fuss, Shireen Mazari, Minister of Human Rights of Pakistan has harshly termed the letter as fake and said “Oh for heaven sakes the letter is an obvious fake as well as an absurdity! But carry on if it allows a catharsis for some!”

One of the clauses of the letter reads, Under the provision of Para 85 and Part C of Armed Forces Regulation (Power of Administrative Sanction) and Government of Pakistan Ministry of Defence (Defence Division) letter DP No. 54/D/GHQ Dated 08th March, 2014 necessity is hereby accepted and administrative approval for the “Provision of 2550 staff cars for Pakistan Armed Forces from Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited” an estimated cost of Rs. 4057 (Four Thousand and Fifty-Seven Million only) as attached index A.

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See the letter below:

Confidential letter

It is also reported that not only several individuals are forwarding the letter but also many journalists have also shared the letter. Analysts related to the matter while speaking with an online media portal said that the letter is fake, the department mentioned in the letter in no way deal with the purchase of vehicles, also there is no Brigadier under the name mentioned in the letter in the said department.

Let’s wait and see, how the story unfolds, until then stay tuned to PakWheels.com for updates.

Notable Replies

  1. army has never bought crappy hondas as staff vehicles any way


  2. Who told you that
    Honda City is a very common staff car
    Civic makes bulk of VIP cars in Army

  3. mehran says:

    That's why hopefully we will use social media wisely and not forward stuff without any verification. Typical example of disinformation using social media and weak minded users.

  4. Certainly a fake. Apart from grammatical errors there are procedural & codal anomalies.
    Army procures under PPRA rules, no reference thereof in said letter. Secondly, Sherazi Trading is a company of Atlas group but it does not deal in Honda vehicles whatsoever. Procuring Honda cars through Sherazi Trading would be a big question mark viz a viz procurement rules and transparency.

  5. the airforce bought them, not the army

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