Pak Suzuki launches Wagon R AGS with a price tag of PKR 1,890,000

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Finally, as reported by, Pak Suzuki has launched the Wagon R AGS in the country at the start of the new year.

As per the document which the company has shared with its dealers across the country, the all-new Wagon R with Automated Gear Shift Transmission (AGS), is coming with an airbag. Moreover, the price of the car, w.e.f January 1, 2020, is set at PKR 1,890,000/. The circular also reads that the company has sold more than 100,000 units of Wagon R since its launch. See the document below:

Suzuki Wagon R AGS Price

The company did not reveal all the specs and features of the new 1000cc hatchback; however, it is safe to assume that it will come with the features and specs present in its other sibling VXL which are:

  • Power Steering
  • Power Windows (front)
  • Infotainment system with USB and AUX connectivity
  • Body-colored side mirrors
  • Rear chrome garnish
  • Alloy wheels
  • Immobilizer
  • Keyless entry

A few days back the Wagon R AGS also got spied, see below:

Suzuki Wagon R AGS Pictures:

Suzuki Wagon R AGS Back

Suzuki Wagon R AGS Interior

Suzuki Wagon R AGS Interior

Aside from Wagon R AGS, there are already two more variants available in the market right now, which are Suzuki Wagon R VXR and Suzuki Wagon R VXL.

Wagon R has lost significant market share over the past six months or so. The imposition of Federal Excise Duty (FED) as well as the devaluation of Pakistani Rupee against the US dollar surged its price massively. As a result, its sales have dropped, and consumers prefer to purchase the 660cc Alto instead. In the first five months of the ongoing fiscal year, its sales have declined by a massive 74.97%. The automaker only managed to sell 3339 units of Wagon R in the July-November period. Pak Suzuki produced 6356 units of its hatchback in this period, which shows the low demand in the market. Have a look at the comparison of sales stats of Wagon R in the fiscal year 2019-20 with its corresponding period last year.

Suzuki Wagon R AGS Sales comparisons

Suzuki Wagon R AGS Sales comparisons

Let’s wait and see if the new Wagon R revives Suzuki’s sales or not? What are your thoughts on this particular news? Let us know and stay with PakWheels for more updates regarding the launch of Suzuki Wagon R AGS.

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  1. ur mom says

    Looks the same ;/

  2. Tahir says

    This seems to be a really good car for city use as it has all the necessary features and now even has AMT and an airbag and room for whole family, looks VFM compared to kia picanto, although both cars are a genwration behind their global counterparts but that is with a lot of local cars.

  3. AbdulB1 says

    NaPak suzuki did it again

  4. Azeemloag says

    Better to buy KIA picanto. Almost same price better shape better features

  5. MR MAXii says

    Absolute shitty car. No proper safety equipment. Just look at the tires, 0 grip. In this price, I can buy a Civic VTi Oriel Rebirth. Its would be a shame if people actually buy this. Suzuki needs to stop ripping us apart by giving this ‘teen dabba’ in 19lacs. Please Suzuki, STOP!

  6. Abdul Ahad says

    Absolutely disagreed. This is a pretty great car to drive, quite comfortable and economical as well. Its spacey interior is what makes it the leader in its class. Those tires you’ve mentioned have great grip, in wet, under heavy breaking or on mud, plus their slim profile allows for even better mileage. Yes, lack of ABS and Airbags are drawbacks worth mentioning, but stop being unrealistic. Given the options available, it is a pretty decent car, especially if you OWN it, and not just see on a website. Stop ranting for the sake of ranting. It’s become a trend on Pakwheels, whining, whining and only whining.

  7. Khurram Asif says

    He is complaining about the Price… which he is undoubtedly true

  8. Khurram Asif says

    Still No Footrest …..Suzuki baaz na anaa apnay puranay formula say…. selling same package at higher rate every year…. First it was Mehran hun aey

  9. Abdul Ahad says

    Arey bhaijan, yeh gila bhi to koi gila na na houa. WagonR starts at 16lac and the nearest non-Suzuki competitor, Kia Picanto, with which some are comparing, starts at 19lac, and that too for a generation old model. Log bas bharas pay bharas hi nikali jaa rahay hain. Pakwheels pay jis marzi comment mein parhlo, log bilawajah charhai kar k bethay.

  10. Zak A says

    I think you work for Suzuki:)

  11. Mian Najeeb Sabir says

    Mian Najeeb here.
    As per the price tag, I don’t think it will make a good market. Although it’s automatic but almost 2 million rupees is way too much for a pak made wagon R.

  12. Abdul Ahad says

    Oh nahi nahi janab, I work for CIA. Woh to bus aiween hi kisi ki bongi pay aiteraz kar baitha.

  13. Abbas says

    I think only mad and sick will buy this in 2million only front windows are power.. as per crisis of energy , petroleum and Gas …Govt is full blind and mean ….to check about car prices in the country and playing with nation… i have final words that not a single govt in this country can think about peoples…

  14. Abdullah Hafeez says

    Sadly I have to agree with you.

  15. Sam says

    Cars are far too expensive in Pakistan. Ridiculously overpriced even second hand cars. Cars are so cheap here in the UK that even a teenager can purchase one with pocket money saved…

  16. Naveed IB says

    The fact of the matter is that Pakistani Automobile Industry is in the hands of these mafia (local dealers) who decide whether the vehicle is going to rise or down fall. The people are forced to buy local vehicles inspite of JDMs.

    SHAME ON LOCAL DEALERS & Assemblers.

  17. Muhammad Imran Malik says

    v right, specially in automobile sector

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