Pakistan To Get First Ever Euro 5 Diesel by PSO

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Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has brought the nation’s first shipment of Euro 5 hi-cetane standard fuel. The oil marketing company will start selling Euro 5 diesel in the main cities of the country starting from Monday, the 28th of December. According to our sources, the company will revise its price chart and reveal the new prices on the first day of sales.

Moreover, the government of Pakistan is banning the marketing of any fuel lower in quality than the Euro 5. Soon, only Euro 5 diesel and petrol will be sold all over the country, the sources stated.

What Are Euro Emission Standards?

Euro Emission Standards are fuel regulations, set by the European Union, meant to control harmful vehicle emissions and minimize their impact on the environment. In total, there are 6 Euro standards to date. Higher Euro standard means better fuel quality with reduced amount of NOx (Nitrogen Oxides). The whole world follows the latest Euro Emission standards to ensure:

  • Lesser engine emissions
  • Better engine performance
  • A cleaner and greener environment

Euro 5 Diesel in Pakistan

Pakistan has had a fair share of poor quality fuel in the country. For years and years, the public dealt with low-grade petrol and diesel to run their vehicles’ engines. Pakistan has recently adopted the Euro 5 Emission Standards for petrol in 2020. Euro 5 petrol is now available in most parts of the country — most, not all. Many fuel stations still sell lower quality petrol.

Diesel, on the other hand, is very low in quality overall in the country. Till this day, Pakistani automobiles are running on Euro 2 diesel. Luckily, PSO is taking the first step to change that. The company has got its hands on the first ever shipment of Euro 5 diesel in Pakistan and is all set to sell it to the public. Starting Monday, the 28th of December, Euro 5 hi-cetane diesel will be available at PSO stations in the main cities of Pakistan i.e., Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Quetta.

As far as the fuel quality in Pakistan is concerned, 2020 has been very kind to us. Not only have we got Euro 5 petrol in the country, but now we’ll also get to enjoy Euro 5 diesel. Not so bad for a place that’s been struggling with Euro 2 fuel for 8 years, right?

Let us know what you think about finer quality diesel coming to PSO stations in Pakistan. Check out current fuel prices in Pakistan and guess how much Euro 5 diesel will cost. 

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