rebrands its services was founded back in 2003, and today it is Pakistan’s largest online platform for buying and selling of cars, bikes and auto parts. Moreover, it has helped millions of Pakistanis through its various services, like latest automotive news, expert car reviews, and listings. was offering its services to consumers who were buying auto parts from it under Autoshop. But now we have rebranded our product to Auto Parts & Accessories as we not only deal in auto parts, but you will also find other car/bike accessories as well; such as car care products, air fresheners, tyre gels, key chains, mobile chargers/holders, etc. We are proud that we are helping local consumers to buy all kinds of auto parts and automotive accessories through our PakWheels Auto Parts & Accessories.

The other service which is offering to its consumers and has rebranded is car inspection. The offer was previously known as PakWheels Carsure, but now it has been renamed to Car Inspection Service. PakWheels Car Inspection Service helps buyers by providing them with a detailed used car inspection report that highlights all flaws and issues, allowing for a better deal and a safer purchase. also holds auto shows country-wide to create awareness among the general public regarding cars and bikes. Additionally, PakWheels industry survey is also conducted annually to give insight to industry stakeholders regarding what consumers are thinking about their particular brand and product. Think wheels, think PakWheels.

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  1. PW forum should focus on automatically generated reviews by using the postings and comments available here.

    The kind that you should see on android play store for app reviews or may be on trip advisor for hotels.

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