Petrol in Pakistan second cheapest in South Asia

Pakistan sells the second most expensive diesel in the region behind India in South Asia after India. In Pakistan, on 12th February, diesel was being sold for $0.87. As for the petrol, Pakistan is selling the second cheapest petrol in the South Asian region. Petrol is being sold for $0.76 a litre in Pakistan. Afghanistan is selling the cheapest fuel in the region overall.

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According to ET, diesel is being sold for $1.03 a litre in India, the country at the top of the list in this region (prices recorded on 12th February). The reported price of petrol in Afghanistan on 12th February was $0.65 per litre. The prices are taken from the globalpetrolprices which records weekly rates of petroleum products of various countries across the globe.

Jam Kamal, the State Minister for Petroleum, said in an interview in December last year that the prices of petroleum products in Pakistan compared to other regional countries such as India and Sri Lanka are less. But according to the website data, countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan are selling diesel at less price than in Pakistan.

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Considering the price hike trend in the past few month, you can expect the prices of petrol products to rise more in coming months.

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