Porsche 911 2019 images leaked online

There probably isn’t a more iconic sports car in the world than the Porsche 911; the two-door sports car has been in production for over 50 years now being released all the way back in 1963! Over the years we’ve seen countless new model generations, different variants, engine configurations, etc. It’s a car that has advanced over the years to become what many believe to be the benchmark of all modern day sports car today. The model range of the 911 is vast; it consists of a bog standard Porsche 911 Carrera with around 350bhp and a seven-speed manual all the way up to the monstrous GT2RS with over 700bhp that was until recently the lap record holder at the Nürburgring. The current 991 series of the 911 has been around since 2012 and is due to be replaced by very soon by the rumored 992 generation.



The 992 generation is set to be released within the next few months, but before that could happen, it has been caught undergoing testing without any camo giving us a full detailed look at the brand new 992 generation 911. Now before we get into the details, it should be said that this is a 911. Generally, Porsche doesn’t tamper with the styling too much in order to preserve the essence of the 911 that has remained the same since its inception all those years ago. Around the front end we get a brand new pair of LED headlights, the bumper now features larger air intakes and a larger front splitter. The front bonnet now also has squared off edges rather than rounded, were not sure why Porsche decided to do this but in our opinion, it doesn’t match the car at all.


The 992 generation 911 will also now ride on the updated MMB which is now stronger and stiffer than before. This also means that this 911 is a few inches longer than the previous one. Porsche did that just so that they could incorporate hybrid powertrains, yes you read that right the 992 generation could very well be the first 911 to feature a hybrid engine. We’re not sure when that’s slated to launch, but it would replace the Turbo variant as the top of the range model with horsepower expected to exceed 700bhp. In addition to this the car now also features some wider wheel arches along with other aesthetic upgrades that help the 992 911 look a lot beefier than before. Move around to the rear, and that is where we see most of the exterior design changes. There is now a LED taillight that spans the width of the 911; this design cue has become standard on pretty much all Porsche models now including the Panamera and the newly refreshed Macan. The quad exhaust tips on this model probably mean we’re also looking at the Carrera 4S model as well.


As is the tradition, the 992 911 will be propelled by the now signature rear-mounted flat six engine. In its base configuration, this flat six is expected to make around 400bhp in the Carrera model, with an increase to around 450bhp in the Carrera S variant. The Turbo S variant is expected to produce around 620bhp, and a hybrid model will join later in the production cycle. This will be the second generation of Porsche’s turbocharged flat-six engines, so hopefully this time around they will have fixed some of the issues that owners had about the 991.2 generation 911’s. Specifically, the part where they lost some of their character and soulful exhaust noise.


The 992 911’s interior is also expected to get a massive overhaul with new tech from the Panamera and Cayenne, this includes the larger infotainment screens and just maybe the brand new touch-sensitive controls found in the Panamera. The 2019 Porsche 911 is expected to be officially unveiled at Paris Auto Show in October of this year. But if leaks like this keep surfacing online, then Porsche won’t really have much new to talk about at the official reveal.



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  1. yar yakeen kro, resale ke maamle mein yeh range rover h,, my boss has a 911 targa 4s, 2.5 crore ki li thi 0 meter abb koi 40 lac ni deta if u want to sale..wo bhi ghar mein ghusa k betha rehtay hain, bcoz har speed breaker p lagti h :grin: :joy: repair , maintenance kuch nai milna idhar se, last year car got crashed, gulberg 3 lahore,, porsche centre pakistan ne 55 lac ka bill bna dia.. unn k paas bumper tak ni tha iss ka .,driver told me that they said, "order dia h 6 mahinay mein germany se manfacture ho k aaye ga baki saman k sath" bcoz accident mein driver door ,ront fender, right front rear rim toot gye,rear quarter panel etc sub urr gya pta nai boss kis trah nikal aye wapis :smile: but iss car ki takkar koi ni world wide.. unmatchable..

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