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We have brought the expert review of Prince Pearl car after repeated demand from our readers and followers. This was the third car in the 800cc category in Pakistan. Earlier, Suzuki Mehran dominated this category for almost thirty years.

Company’s History: 

Under a joint venture, Pakistan’s Road Prince and Chinese DFSK established Regal Motors in 2017. In 2018, the company established a production plant for small cars with an investment of Rs800million.

Regal Motors launched Prince Pearl as its first car in January 2020.

Exterior of Prince Pearl: 

If you compare the looks of this car with Mehran, Pearl is much better, chic, and aerodynamic. The company has given a chrome grille in front of the vehicle, along with LED parking bulbs, good-sized headlights, and fog lights. The front bumper makes the overall look of this car very modern.

Furthermore, the company has installed 13-inch alloy rims with Chinese tyres. If you look at the side view, door and handles, and side-view mirrors come in body color. Not to forget, the side mirrors come with indicators.

Also, there is a very pronounced line on the car’s side profile, which goes all the way to backlights. The car has LED rear lights. Furthermore, there is a high mounted brake lamp at the back and reflectors on the bumper. The overall rear of the vehicle is entirely cohesive to its front. The company has installed a roof-mounted antenna for radio connectivity.

The overall look of this car is very aerodynamic.

Interior of Prince Pearl: 

The car has keyless entry and jackknife key options. The car has very ample head and legroom on front seats. The car’s interior gives you a surprise because such design and options were not available in the 800cc category in Pakistan earlier. The car has power windows, power steering, LED, and cohesive and luxury look of the dashboard.

Dashboard, LED, and Controls: 

The company has used glossy material in the panel, doors, and steering, which gives the car a very premium look. Although the company needs to improve the quality of plastic used inside the vehicle, it is still much better than Mehran.

If you recall Mehran’s dashboard, it had three-to-four separate sections, but in Pearl, all features, including LED, gearbox, and AC are in one-unit dashboard console.

The digital meter shows speedometer and RPM, but its quality gives it a Chinese look, which manufacturers should improve.

The side-view mirrors are also auto adjustable, and another exciting feature of this car is that its power buttons have lights in them. These buttons can be convenient during a night drive. Being a Chinese car, its controls are opposite from other vehicles in Pakistan i.e., its headlights and indicator control are on the left side, while Wiper control on the right-hand side.

Gearbox of Prince Pearl: 

The car has a 4-speed manual transmission with great positioning as it is very smooth during the drive.

LED, Bluetooth Connectivity: 

The LED has excellent Bluetooth connectivity, while speakers’ sound is low; hence, for more sound, you have to install additional speakers.

Seat Comfort and Steering: 

The car seats give a very welcoming feel to you as they are very comfortable and have perfect positioning for the drive. The steering wheel is not adjustable, disturbing you a bit, but no car in this category will give you adjustable steering.

Interior Storage Space: 

Moreover, the company has given ample storage space inside the car, including door boxes, open dashboard, another slot in the panel, wallet holder, and upper holder.  

The entry and exit on backseats for tall people can be an issue because of less headroom. However, the legs space is good as four people on the long route, and five people on a short journey can travel comfortably in it. Furthermore, the backseats have headrests and seatbelts, which are rather pleasant surprises.

Boot Space: 

The trunk space is compromised due to presence of spare tyre. But if you want to put extra luggage, remove the separator, fold the backseats, and place the luggage in that space. The company has also given a tyre kit for punctures.

Drive Experience of Prince Pearl: 

The car makes you comfortable gradually during drive, as the overall driving experience of this car is very good. Pearl’s pick without AC is good, while with AC, it is moderate, which is fine for an 800cc vehicle.

AC Performance: 

The AC performance in 800cc cars has always been a problem in Pakistan, either engine used to heat up, or stopped working. But in Prince Pearl, the AC’s cooling is perfect, and it works efficiently even in the summer heat.

Know Fault in Prince Pearl: 

The engine noise of Prince Pearl is higher compared to other 800cc cars, which can be discomforting for the driver and passengers.  

Fuel Average: 

The fuel average of small cars has always remained a significant focus point for consumers. In Pearl’s case, the company claimed that its intra-city per liter fuel average is 12.5-14 kilometers. However, PakWheels’ test shows that it gives 10-10.5km/liter within the city. But it can depend on the heaviness of foot of the driver, and mileage can vary.

Suspension and Road Clearance: 

The suspension of this car is soft and smooth and gives no issue on Pakistani roads. However, on straight road, the car’s drive is bit of bumpy which feels more on backseats.

Meanwhile, the car has excellent road clearance as its underbody will not hit speed breakers, even if five individuals are traveling in it.

Additional Features: 

The company has installed a reverse camera in the car, along with an auto door lock system. These features are usually not available in 800cc cars in Pakistan.

0-100 in Prince Pearl:  

The car reaches from zero to 100km/hour in 20:09 seconds.


The car has disc brakes in front while drum brakes on the rear wheels.

Price of Prince Pearl: 

The price of Prince Pearl is Rs 11 lacs, which makes it the cheapest zero-meter car in Pakistan.

Resale Value of Prince Pearl: 

As the car is recently launched in Pakistan, you can calculate its resale value as yet. It will be decided after sometime after the car will spend some time on the roads.

Parts Availability: 

One of the major reasons for the immense success of Mehran is the availability of its parts in the local market at very reasonable prices. Regal Motors has to make sure that Prince Pearl’s are available in the market at reasonable prices. This aspect will play a significant role in the success of this car in the Pakistani market.

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