Things you can do to protect your car this summer

Extra care is necessary for automobiles when a season is changing especially if the weather is turning hot with each passing day. A scorching heat wave is prevailing across the country, which is destined to become even hotter in the coming days. So, in this article, we will be telling you guys regarding how to protect your vehicle this summer with few simple tips.

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Below is the list of things which are most affected in summer and their remedy:

  • In hot weather, the exterior of the vehicle receives the most beat, i.e., paint and tires. So always remember to never park the car in direct sunlight; instead, park the car under shade to avoid the exterior to receive damage. Do your car and yourself a favor and get a quality car top cover. It will not only protect your car’s exterior but will also keep it cool. The UV rays coming from the sun are very dangerous; make sure to keep the exterior of the car polished with wax after an equal interval of top cover
  • The interior of the car also receives much damage in summers especially the dashboard and the steering wheel. Therefore, keep your windows covered with shades as they help a lot in reducing the amount of sunlight entering your vehicle, leading the exterior to resist damage as well as tear and wear. Get your car a dashboard cover which will protect its plastic from direct sunlight.cracked dashboard
  • Remember to use a good quality engine coolant, which helps to maintain your vehicle’s engine temperature. Using plain water is harmful in the long run. Get your car’s waterbody inspected. Moreover, also top up the fluid level of transmission, differential and brake oil to avoid inconvenience this summers.coolant fail
  • Examine water/acid level of the battery: Inspect each cell of the battery, and see if the fluid level in them is low. If it is low, then fill it up with distilled water. By doing this, you can save your battery in summers as well as increase its life. It is recommended not to use tap water or overfill battery acid level
  • If you own an old car or have not used proper anti-freeze for a long period, get the radiator of the car cleaned as soon as possible. It will save you and your car from a lot of hassle during the whole summer. There are various good quality radiator cleaners on PakWheels that you can use yourself to clean the radiators at your home.Get your car's radiator cleaned when you see this
  • Check the tire pressure on a daily basis in summer as low tire pressure not only damages the tire but also put an extra burden on car’s engine, which leads to high fuel consumption. Tire pressure monitoring systems are a great help in this regard.tpms

That is it from our side if you guys have any suggestions regarding how to protect a car in summers, mention them in the comments section below.

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My name is M. Ali Laghari and I love to read and write about Cars.